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Work-Life Balance: Is It Possible When You're Tring to Get Ahead?

Juggling the demands of launching your career can be challenging, especially when facing the dilemma of overworking or underworking. How do you find that sweet spot? Join the discussion to explore strategies, share experiences, and gain insights into managing the delicate balance.

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Ben Halpern

You only have so much control over your circumstance, so it is possible to not achieve work/life balance because of your circumstance. So I don't think you can say that you can easily/quickly get to the state you want to be... But over time if this is your focus I think it is generally achievable.

I think it's a matter of being relatively clear on your goals —> You want to "get ahead", but you're not trying for arbitrary "aheadness". If you know where your landing place can be you can navigate towards it.

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Dominic Magnifico

It's taken a while for me but I've come to understand that it's not the sheer volume of hours you're putting in to something that measures your success, but the quality of the hours that you do. Ensuring that the time you're putting in is focused and productive will pay far more dividends than a straight count of the hours.

This becomes exponentially more important when splitting time between being a good partner or parent, and nurturing relationships that are important to you. You have to be fulfilled in one aspect of your life to carry you through low points in another.

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Yes : just make sure you keep a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Also another thing to remember is the long game. Id like to be a developer for the rest of my life, even past when I retire.

While I don't mind the grind sometimes, I always remind myself that there’s no point in burning myself out for a promotion on year 10 when I’ve still got 50+ years of development time left.

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Ranjan Dailata • Edited

When you work with full dedication and in a smart way, you will realize the potential of yourself and there will be no question about work-life balance at all. For some it takes time, However one need to hard work, learn the necessary skills to do the work effectively. Sorry, it doesn't matter how many hours you work. All it matters is what quality work you have produced during those hours.

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Bernd Wechner

Is Tring, Trying or Tiring or both and an intentional portmanteau?

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Spell check.