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Are You An Expert?

Whether it's coding, art, or something else entirely, do you consider yourself an expert in any domain? Share your journey to mastery and any tips you have for what it takes to achieve mastery.

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Ben Halpern
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Paulo Henrique

meh, I wasn't fast enough to reply with the same post 🥺

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Jaime López

I'm not considering myself an expert about SharePoint topics, but more than a seasoned guy.

I've been developing solutions for SharePoint since 2007 more or less. So, I believe experience is something valuable here.

I never met an expert even in SharePoint but people with more experience than me in very specific SharePoint topics.

Have you the same sensations?

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I don't like calling myself an expert because it's a bit of a vague term, and I find it a little embarrassing to refer to oneself as an expert when there are real giants in the room! (and it can be hard to tell)

If I want to sound experienced I would typically just objectively state my years of experience, then when I open my mouth and start talking, the listeners can decide if they think I'm an expert or not.

If I'm an expert at anything, it's probably Node.js. It's not uncommon for me to be in a room of very good programmers and have novel practical knowledge to share with them. Of course it goes in the other direction too - they'll all have plenty to teach me.

I find software engineering extremely humbling because no matter how much I learn, I still know just the faintest sliver of all there is to know. The smartest, most experienced programmers out there will endlessly debate the best way to do X because there is no objective answer! I can't think of any other profession that is so resistant to the establishment of common rules and norms. There are infinite pros and cons to anything anyone might come up with.

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Devarshi Shimpi

I don't consider myself an expert! Always learning and growing with the community!

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João Esperancinha • Edited

I probably fall into that category of being an expert. I've worked so hard and learned so much in my professional life for these 10+ years that I find it very easy these days to write articles, blog posts, contribute to the community and make lots of contributions on my GitHub repositories jesperancinha

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I am, I am an expert in picking up new hobbies or interests, getting obsessed with it for a while and then picking up something else 😂

I'm the definition of "jack of all trades, master of none"

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heyeasley 🍓🥭

I'm trying to be an excellent expert.

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I think I am good enough to tell that I am expert in trance music production, because I started music before I get in IT