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Ben Halpern for The DEV Team

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What’s the most annoying part of your job?

This is the third post of the Mayfield + DEV Discussion series. Please feel free to go back and answer previous questions as well.

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Marco Antonio Dominguez

Unreal expectations, as a developer a common issue is to listen to people expecting you to finish something in record time, regardless of the lack of resources, lack of time, lack of clarity on requirements, and non-sense policies.

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Nathan Hedglin

Dido!!! Left so many jobs because of this. Two day sprints that weren't working or spending weeks trying to get requirements.

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Kyle Stephens

Two DAY sprint? Wow.

Thread Thread
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Nathan Hedglin

They called it "1 week" .

Monday & Tuesday = development
Wednesday = QA
Thursday = UAT & deployment
Friday = planning

It was hell. But they had a scrum "guru".

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Could not agree more, it's exactly what I was going to add!!!

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Tu Trinh

100% on your side

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Aryan Kaushik

Back to back MS teams beep beep beep beep beep

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Asim Dahal

lol I can relate

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Manuel Artero Anguita • Edited on

I'd say... the never-ending feeling. You take one task, you do it. Then you take another. Do it. Another. Again.

Don't get me wrong I do like my job, I'm extremely grateful to my profession; but I think that dealing with the never-ending cycle is the hardest part.

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Jeremy Friesen

There is infinite work, which is a function of "knowledge" work. I'm glad you at least recognize it. For myself, accepting that reality became quite liberating; because in infinity most anything can wait, so be clear what's important.

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Guilherme Thomas

I guess that's true for a lot of professions. Before development, I was doing tech support for POS machines. Never ended, same errors everyday, visiting the same cities. Can be exhausting

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Ishaan Sheikh • Edited on

Unnecessary calls and timesheets.

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Melbite blogging Platform

Fixing a bug in production yet I did not face it during development.

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Sherry Day

Any time I know how I could solve a problem, but cannot go about solving it because of circumstance.

Circumstances such as not being on the team that is supposed to solve the problem. I know sometimes I am missing context about what is making the problem so tough to solve, but sometimes I know it's just annoyingly circumstantial that I can't just fix the thing I have technical access to and knowledge of the system it would take.

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Daniel Alonzo

speak in english :(

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Michael Tharrington

Haha, I think spam fighting takes the cake here.

Props to @carolineschettler, @itscasey, and all the awesome trusted users who put in the work daily to help us scrape the spam off of DEV. Not to mention @ben and our engineers who have created automated spam fighting features for us as well. 🙌

Bonus props to community members who report spam as they see it! Thank you! ❤️

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Changing 15 files by hand to make a tiny fix. 🥲

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Oskar Pietrucha

Missing authorizations where clearly you should have them (no security flaws), but "corporation logic" :)
Forcing usage of stack A instead of stack B, because somebody doesn't know stack B.

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Tyler V. (he/him)

Whatever I'm about to have to do after saying "Well, I mean... technically we can do that"

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Matt Ellen

For me it's simply getting all the people necessary to review documentation changes prior to a release. For some reasons deadlines never take this into account and we're left scrabbling for sign off at the last minute, which doens't work because the compliance team actually read the documentation, so we end up out of time.

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Kevin R

The context switching. It can take from 15minutes - 1hour+ just to really get to the heart of the task.

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Dendi Handian

learning a tech that rarely used by people

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6 working days.

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Yeah i agree. Working from office sucks.

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Jeremy Friesen

All of these questions my boss keeps asking. (Just kidding I don't report to Ben and love these questions as well as most other questions I get asked at work).

Right now the hardest part is balancing managing, individual coding, and helping open source contributors. The good news is we're looking to hire a dedicated manager to take away one of the hats.

Don't get me wrong, most of the time I love managing; in particular meeting people where they're at and helping equipment them for further successes along the success pathway that they want to go.

Heavy is the head that wears too many hats.

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Keff • Edited on

Bureaucracy, I don't think I should add anything else, If you've been there you will know...
And dealing with clients and their expectations

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New lib updates making old code redundant.

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When I have to repeat things to people.

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I cannot stand to be forced to work 8 hours a day when most days I’m done much earlier.

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Nabil Alamin

That slack notification whenever I'm occupied

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Mike Talbot

Linting wars.

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Reaching consensus on PR discussions or big technical choices. Very time consuming and feels like overhead relative to working alone.

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Adam Crockett

Context switching between multiple companies and projects within companies

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Thibaut Andrieu • Edited on

"Sorry, I don't have time to..."
I've always been amazed that people who never have time to do anything are usually those who don't have much to do...

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Moch. Sudharmono

Get blamed before deployment to production, because we've never included in meeting or grooming features.

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Adrian Chong

dealing with cunning co-workers

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Content writing.