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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. πŸ˜„


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I spent a few hours after work with one of my co-workers who was struggling with a serious case of Impostor syndrome to help him realize how much value he had and it seems like it worked.
He looks way better now and I'm glad I could help him !


Aww, that's really nice! Well done you!

  • Our 11-yr old cat doesn't have cancer! πŸ™Œ
  • Completed my 2019 self evaluation and accomplishments at work. Woohoo!
  • Was easily able to get consensus among 4 devs about a design decision. No friction whatsoever - total win!
  • Taught some other devs ReactJs πŸ™Œ
  • Oh, and got my first 2k+ views post here on dev.to ☺️
  • Finished building my portfolio! saurabhdaware.in
  • Wrote an article explaining how I optimized the portfolio and the article got 27k views! also, It became my first article to get 300+, 400+ and 500+ reactions πŸ¦„.
  • I started working on a new project, It will be a web game and is one of the things that I always had in mind and I'm extremely happy to finally start working on it (I am aiming to release v1 by February)
  • I am in the middle of my university exams so I'm just proud that I could handle all the above things while studying for my exam 🌻

Such a nice portfolio site!

I would suggest making a larger area clickable for the hamburger button, right now if you press slightly above or left of the hamburger it doesn't register (I'm on mobile)


Hi, the problem is, when you scroll down I have some projects listed so if I make that target large and if user tries to click on project somewhere close to the menu he will end up opening the menu rather than going to a project.

I will see if I can make it a little larger that it is not large enough to come in between the other site content.

Thank you for your suggestion 🌻🌻


Site looks great! Couple of suggestions if they're welcome or not :P

Put an arrow in the middle of the page so it's obvious to scroll down for more content. At first glance I thought sweet, his name and links to his profiles on other sites. Then I scrolled.

Second, make the overflow menu in the lower right moon more obvious somehow. I didn't even realize it was there until a second look.

fr though, the site is great. Just don't want to miss any potential employers because HR is too lazy to attempt to scroll.


I agree as well haha. That scroll bar isn't very a11y friendly imho, didn't even notice it initially

Yeah I just realized. I will increase its width for desktops🌻 Thank you!


Put an arrow in the middle of the page so it's obvious to scroll down for more content.

This makes so much sense I will have it for sure! Thank you so much πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

Second, make the overflow menu in the lower right moon more obvious somehow. I didn't even realize it was there until a second look.

Not really sure how I can do that. I think the problem is it's color, the color kind of makes it look like it is part of browser so you don't strongy notice it. I tbh ran out of colors when I went to that part. I'll see if I can do something

Thank you so much for your suggestions they are super helpful 🌻🌻


I finished my 52nd book this week and therefore reached my reading goal of reading a book every week early πŸ“–πŸ’ͺ🏻


Could you please provide a list of books you read? If you don't mind. I like factfulness too.


Here are some books I'd like to recommend:


  • Stephen King: The Institute
  • Dov Alfon: Unit 8200
  • Marc Elsberg: Especially Blackout, but the others are also good
  • Frank SchΓ€tzing: Der Schwarm, but I also recommend his other books if you like his writing style
  • Stieg Larsson: Millenium
  • Gyllian Flynn: Gone Girl
  • Remigiusz Mroz: Die kalten Sekunden / Nieodnaleziona (I was not able to find an english translation)

Science - Fiction

  • Liu Cixin: The three body problem (you probably have to read the other books from this series afterwards too ;) )
  • Andy Weir: The Martian
  • James Corey: Leviathan Awakes
  • Isaac Asimov: Foundation
  • Frank Herbert: Dune


  • JRR Tolkien: Lord of the Rings (my favorite books)
  • Andrzej Sapkowski: The Witcher
  • GRR Martin: Game of Thrones

Non - Fiction

  • Hans Rosling: Factfulness
  • Stephen Hawking: Any of his books
  • Greta Thunberg: Scenes from the heart (really worth reading especially in the current discussion about climate change)
  • Cal Newport: Digital Minimalism (currently reading that, therefore cant be definite, but looks promising)
  • Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs
  • I can also recommend to check out Bill Gates reading tips

Ya same here, I'd love to get some recommendations :)


Congrats! What books were you reading?


I mostly do reading as a recreational activity, therefore I read a lot of Thrillers and Science Fiction.

But I also love to read something about Science, Physics, Astronomy, or just general stuff that I find hard to categorize (like Factfulness by Hans Rosling, which I recommend to everyone)


Wins include:

  • My almost 2-year old can say 5 colors now. Red, blue, pink, black, and white. The list grows by the day.

  • Successfully connected my school project to a prebuilt database.

  • My Java is improving little by little.

  • Helped my niece count to 100 in Spanish, despite not having spoken any Spanish since my college years.


Java was getting started to really fun and getting better fast, once it was ”click”ed, for me.
So you are a good language teacher/learner. No wonder you will be good at programming language as well. Can’t remember whom she was, but once saw a linguist that nailed at coding. What giant wins. Hope you would have a bit of time to enjoy your weekends.


Finally! My backpack arrived. From the states (I think) to South Africa

macro shot of the dev.to backpack


I just got a front-end internship for a SAAS company on Friday! Still can't believe this is happening! Started from zero till landed a job in a year :D


Hey @jess
I hope you are doing well.
So, my win this week was that one my articles got 8000+ views here on Dev.to.

In case you want to give it a read, link is here :

Another one was that I mentored some people online and offline about career. So that's from my side for this week. Tomorrow I am going to GDG DevFest for mentoring a Google Assistant Action Development Lab. That would be another addition to my achievements.


I finally admit the fact that it’s OK to fail.
I just took my midterm test, that had been delayed 3 weeks.
(it’s almost final period LOL) I tried my best, but still, I might pass the course, maybe not. I will admit whatever the result would be even though it might be still hurtful.

tl;dr. My win of this week is, I’ve gotten ready to be defeated.


Failure is a natural part of progress. Whenever I fail a quiz, test, and the eventual interview, I bake myself some cupcakes. The only condition is that you can't give up.


I’ve already failed tons of interviews, not only from dev jobs, but also places like Starbucks. Failing coursed was harder, maybe since it is purely from my own effort without additional excuse.
Thanks for kind words, and good luck with your challenges, fellow student/career-changer.

Anytime. I miss Tim Horton's. Sometimes I order a big tub of their coffee whenever I am feeling nostalgic. Take care.


This week had a few wins:
β€’ Attended the San Diego Girls in Tech Hacking for Humanity event, met awesome people, planned and (almost) built a great tool, and most importantly - made new friends!
β€’ Finished my final for the Introduction to Front End Technologies class, excited to keep working through the program!
β€’ Thanks to the encouragement and guidance of some wonderful ladies I look up to, I made the realization that I should be connecting with people I aspire to work with. Made the even bigger realization that I should not be afraid to do it. I struggle with this a lot - feeling like I am wasting people's time. No more of that!


Delivered my first orders on Fiverr! And guess what? It was two on a row! :D


One was to write some unit test for an Angular application and another one was to build some UI from mockups which was with Angular also.

  • Ben liked one of my posts. I responded with a Wayne's world gif.
  • I opened a new bag of socks. If only the world new the joy experienced from hearing that bag crisp open, they'd understand... :)

Nothing is better than new 🧦!!


I think we may be able to achieve world peace just by giving every person a new bag. When I put on new socks, the last thing I want to do is fight someone haha :)


Couple of notables for me this week:

  • Wrote my first SQL queries to use common table expressions that allowed me to move some calculations into the database rather than Python
  • Created my first graphs in D3.js

(PS always great to hear others' wins!)


I started as a developer advocate for TDev here in Melbourne, Australia 😍

It’s exciting and scary at the same time ☺️

14K followers here
More than 150K post views just under 5 months

Couldn’t be happier πŸŽ‰


Small win for me, I am teaching myself Vue and I was able to get my first LOB (Line Of Business) app up and running for my company. Using a .NET Core 3.0 API on the backend with graphql.

A lot of this was new technology for me so it was awesome when it all came together and started working.


Created this Org on DEV. And trying to arrange all the stuff to start the Show soon ❀️

destrodevshow image

Passed 50 live groups on meetingplace.io, and made a "member importer" from meetup to import all your members πŸŽ‰


Finally created a YouTube channel after months of anticipation


Developed a function to filter an array with two pieces of criteria. Able to do it without research and mostly by memory. Seems small but for me it meant I am grasping concepts abstractly and able to figure them out in a practical manner.


That's a smart study strategy, seeing if you can implement things from memory. Good work!


I build a default bamboo plan to publish node packages in our internal package management system.
The first with CI. Happy about it, 'cause we are now able to use it with less work and therefor more effective!
Whoop whoop!


Gave a talk at React Vancouver about Next.js and render-as-you-fetch!


Woohoo! Any slides available or dare I ask a recording?

Borat saying "Great Success"


I was accepted into phase 1 of the Udacity / Bertelsmann Introduction to Data Analysis & Programming challenge!


I'm sticking to plan of writing notes and more blog posts as I refresh/learn JavaScript and Vue to htry and help me retain a bit more info and have something to refer to the future.

  • I think I'm finally beginning to understand the difference using methods and computed properties in Vue

I got a job as a Digital Education Ambassador at the university I currently studying with. It's a project-based role, working to improve the use of Digital technology for Education across the University.


Nothing! This was a bad week! All that kind of memes showing things going bad happened to me this week!


It's ok it be like that sometimes and it will get better. Just keep going strong! Good luck πŸ¦„


I hope next week is much better for you! Sending you all the good vibes.


Well, I'm feel down right now, but for sure, it's a temporary feeling. I'll be fine in a few hours!

By the way, I would like to improve my English, if someone would like to help me I will thank you. I only need meet new friends who speak English!


My first Open source contribution and its started with contributing to our own dev.to repository πŸ™Œ. I already started working on debugging the second issue. very excited ☺️ Best week ever.


Congratulations Calie, that’s wonderful news! Good luck with your new job.


Posted for the first time here on dev.to πŸŽ‰

Also got a long-overdue haircut πŸ’‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ


I'm in Lambda School at the moment. We just completed Unit 3 (React 2 & Redux), so I'm at 3mos down. Every 4th week is a Build Week where people from Units 1 thru 4, and sometimes other tracks (UX, iOS/Android, Data Science) are drafted into scads of teams, to work on a project together. It's basically a real-world test to see how well you did with the last unit . . . info retention, how you reference, etc. And then there's the team dynamic and how you fare.

It was rough. I didn't know it going in, and I don't think it's really even recognized at the curriculum level, but Unit 3 people in build weeks are like project leads. They coordinate with backend to get the right endpoints and docs, "supervise" Unit 2 (React 1) people, decide on git management (I personally punted it to the assigned "Project Manager") . . . and then I have to deal with my own side of the project, which is really stacked up relative to everyone else.

Of the 6 people on the team (including me) 4 of them had some kind of fatal flaw, seemingly purposefully trying to derail the project... introducing showstopper breaking changes "works for me", just being completely gone for 2.5 days of a 4 day project, and having a NodeJS back end that gives 500s "works for me".

I then spent most of the day y'day with a Cohort Teammate (a Unit 3 person in my daily Unit 3 team) helping him try to figure out what in the ever living fuck his NodeJS back end person was thinking, because he kept getting errors that he couldn't figure out. Come to find out, that NodeJS dev has a warrant out for their arrest, extremely dangerous escapee from Arkham Asylum.

In the end, we all made it, and now I have the week off for turkey day, yet I'm sitting here typing. WTH.


Finally transitioned from IT Management to Software Engineering! I start on Monday!

Super excited... looking at ergodox keyboards and everything!


presented a tool at work that I've been building in my spare time, to share our SQL and shell/pgp/python/whatever sysadmin scripts across our server fleet. Well received and got some buy-in for more updates.


As a junior dev in my first job, I deployed my first feature sucessfully on production 😎


I started learning rust. My first low level language. Coming from JS and PHP so quite excited for this.


I refactored and cleaned up the css in a really messy project and it felt so good.


Rolling a React app as a web component then running it as a microfrontend inside of an old monolithic Angular app.


I found out Monday that the production install for my first project as a full time developer went through before out 'peak' freeze. I am excited to start the next phase of the project.


Big week for me. I successfully negotiated and signed the offer for my first SDE position.


I made about 10 different todo lists and did nothing on them! sooo, I survived a night at my house without my wife and didn't burn it down or starve to death.


Did you protect yourself by building a cardboard fort?


Hi I am glad it helped you in some way. Thank you for kind words 🌻🌻


Almost I have completed my codingAi OSS project and integrating my changes in netlify on this week.




I started wake up early since wednesday. Finally!