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What was your win this week?

Gracie Gregory (she/her) on September 11, 2020

👋👋👋👋 Looking back on your week — what was something you're proud of? All wins count — big or small 🎉 Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a pro...
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Jarod Peachey

I just got hired for my first part-time remote web development job! 🎉🔥

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Boris Borisov

Hi Jarod -

Congratulations on your first remote job!

For developers looking for a remote job ->

frankszendzielarz profile image
Frank Szendzielarz

Well done! Now you can move to a low cost country, sit near the beach with your laptop, and congratulate yourself for being semi retired already!

bebezi profile image
Bebe Zi

Wow congrats!

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne

I finally got an old thinkpad of mine running coreboot and gentoo and I started work on a new linux project that you guys will hear about by October :]

gabriela profile image

This week I had my first PR merged in a JavaScript open-source project. :) Fixing a bug.

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Michael Gee

I reached my first 100 followers and 150+ reaction post here on DEV 🎉

I used to get discouraged and have no incentive to create blog posts due to a lack of visibility and feedback but that has definitely changed with this great platform and community.

Looking forward to continuing sharing my recourses and knowledge here on DEV 😄

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Mazen Touati

I quit my job.

It may sound kinda controversial but by doing so I feel some much relieved and refreshed. It was a fine experience in term of income and time flexibility however it included a lot of headache for multiple reasons like using outdated/boring workflows and having a disorganized priorities. I felt very demotivated lately. It was like being frozen in the same position. Consequently, I decided to step out in order to relax, learn new things, and plan for my next step.

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Vesa Piittinen

Did the same two months ago. Things are much better now :)

I had my first real week of work and have survived information dump so far, and had my first PR merged. Also had my first talk on my role and was nice to find out PO agreeing on what I should focus on first. Tons of responsibility awaiting as well as a need for learning new kinds of skills.

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Mazen Touati

That's great, congratulations 🎉

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Kevin J. Estevez • Edited on

This week I've learnt a lot of git stash
Before this week I'd been using it the simplest way possible

$ git stash
$ git stash (apply | pop)

Now I've played (almost ruined the local changes in my project) a lot more with other options like:

  • Git stash -p // iterative mode
  • Git stash -u // stash also untracked files
  • Git stash (apply | pop) stash-key // pop or apply other entry different from the last one
  • Git stash show -p --summary stash-key // display stashed changes as diff
  • Git stash -m"message" // add a custom message to recognize on list
  • Git stash list // list all stash stack
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Lakshya Singh

Thanks for this

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt • Edited on

Forked a repository and updated CSS 🐱‍🏍
— Had a driving lesson and I'm at the very end, 2-3 hours and I can pass the license 😁

maulik profile image

I have mentored a fresher remotely. Today is the last day of his training and he sent me a text

I'll never hesitate to tell anyone that you are the greatest mentor I have ever had. The way you teach the way, the way you give real-time examples and the way you motivate.
because of you, I am trying to go beyond the limits
Very very excited to meet you in person
Thank you so much, sir for being my mentor

It made my day... gonna have a sound sleep today

brewinstallbuzzwords profile image
Adam Davis

I decided to try out some basic graphic design for my post header images by taking a class on skillshare. Yesterday I made my first post after taking the class, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel Fayard 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸🇨🇴

My open-source project reached 666 stars on GitHub, which sounds just right for a tool against dependency hell

s_aitchison profile image
Suzanne Aitchison

Totally not coding related, but after a long long process, I adopted this little guy this week! I'm sure he'll be helping remind me to take regular screen breaks 😊

brindle lurcher dog lying on the floor

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington • Edited on

Congrats! I got a greyhound a few months back and I love her so much. And commence the doggy pics:

First one up, my dog Cora! She is a 7-year-old greyhound and loves a good nap.

☝️ from this post with other great pet pics.

s_aitchison profile image
Suzanne Aitchison

Cora! 😍 She looks so cosy with her wee teddy ♥️

My lad's called Ty - he's a 2 year old lurcher 😊 Still settling in but he's already picked his favourite snoozing spots and told off the local cats 😂

juliathepm profile image
Julia Nash

Completely qualifies as a win Id say

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her) Author

OH MY GOODNESS. He's gorgeous. I love greyhounds and I ADORE brindle greyhounds. Thank you for sharing! 🤗

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Vitor Paladini

I've added one more DEV badge to my collection 🎉🎉🎉

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Charanjit Chana

Had a productive week despite/because of some time time off! Here are 5 things that were great wins for me this week:

  1. Finally implemented a most popular page on my blog driven by real viewing figures:
  2. A native share option added to all featured websites on
  3. Completed all of our decorating that we started in January
  4. Walked 10km yesterday
  5. Getting ready to start a new job next month
alainacodes profile image

I got to the final interview round of a company that I really, REALLY think would be a good fit. Even if I don't end up getting an offer, it helped me work through a bit of my Imposter Syndrome.

spikeysanju profile image
Spikey sanju

I'm going to reach 1000 subscribers for my youtube channel. It was started an year ago. Now I have reached this milestone.

I teach android stuffs here -

thinkverse profile image
Kim Hallberg

I fixed one of the most important things in a GitHub Learning Labs course this week, a typo. 😎

mranyx profile image
MrAnyx • Edited on

I launched my first desktop app and surprisingly, I already have more then 20 downloads, over 300 project views and one app review

If you want to take a look, here is the GitHub, and the Electron apps website

teamroggers profile image
Rogier Nitschelm

Not really my own win, but I celebrated it nonetheless. I had the opportunity to train two people straight from a bootcamp into the role of front-end developer. Now they are given a permanent contract.

Even though the reward is their effort (not mine), I celebrate their win all the same.

phantas0s profile image
Matthieu Cneude

📙 The draft of my book Building Your Mouseless Development Environment is being written faster than I thought, and I finally have good ideas for the last part of the book. 🤩

navdeepsingh profile image
Navdeep Singh

Rejected after 3rd round of Technical Interview out of 4.

  1. HR interview ~30mins
  2. Techincal Round ~ 30 mins (Discussion about favorite web projects undergone) & ~30 mins (Coding Problem)
  3. Technical Round ~ 1hour (Technical round with two developers)

Learned so much. Given this type of interview after many years, so it was a nice learning experience.

And I hope soon will nail down a new job interview.

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her) Author

What a great attitude! Good luck with the rest of the process, Navdeep! You'll land something great in no time :)

tyler320sc profile image
Tyler Carroll

Though it was via following a tutorial, I made my first nice looking page that didn’t look like it was from 1999 haha. It meant a lot to me! At the end of the day as long as I’m encouraged by it I guess that’s what matters.

delta456 profile image
Swastik Baranwal

I was successfully able to differentiate the difference between match and switch and their uses.

steelwolf180 profile image
Max Ong Zong Bao

I'll completed the 6 weeks training phase where I teach differently abled individuals to use webflow a low code platform to build websites with it.

sharkham profile image
Sam Markham

I created a Preact version of my React writing prompt generator! There are a few things I'd like to do to it still but getting all of the functionality from the React version working in the Preact version was really satisfying :)

malhotramanik profile image
Manik Malhotra

Competitive programming feels like nightmare to me. I do get afraid when time tiktok and i have to solve/code a problem statement.
I solved few problem statements this week, feeling better than before.

fennecdjay profile image
Jérémie Astor

My main CS project (a programming language) had a lot of improvements:

  • memory pool is faster
  • type engine is more consistent
  • async process now have a proper return value
  • the VM got simpler/smaller/faster
  • Sound computation has been improved
  • and ... the usual bug fix.

I'm also changing the syntax a bit (look at the VarSyntax branch).

And I'm still looking for contributors, so if you think the project is worth some of your time, let me know!

haenleinjane profile image
Haenlein Jane

I'm a junior dev (aged 53! haha), and I've just started teaching teenagers the basics of html and css so they can build their first web page, will also teach them some JS when they are ready (we only have 2h a week). And I'm taking an interview today for another 7 hours in another school :D
I hadn't imagined taking a bootcamp to become a fullstack dev would lead me to teaching...but I love it!

king11 profile image
Lakshya Singh • Edited on

Finally was able to enable Firebase social auth in my nodejs api and securely deployed it on heroku by cryptographically hashing the google cloud key and decrypting at build time. Also had to learn more about package.json scripts while how to ensure decryption takes place before server starts.

I have tried my best to make repo so that everyone can see my journey of implementing the final api with auth properly.

Repo Link

drnoir profile image
Chris Godber

It was last week but we launched a big new feature on one of the apps I work on which allows user to upload artworks to the associated steam game and yesterday I managed to round off some work for a demo for the other app I worked on too.

krnsk0 profile image
Jon Kurinsky

First package published to npm, and first blog post on in a looong time:

coding_harry profile image
Harry Kinigopoulos

This week has been great for me!

I managed to implement a friend's idea into a small part of a web application using Google Maps, an idea I wouldn't ever think of having to do ever in my life. After that, I am now onto a new project for a cafeteria building their website from scratch.

Take care and Happy Coding everyone!

jessekphillips profile image
Jesse Phillips

My new system is finally put together. Only has Linux installed, no Windows partition or VM. Runs Starcraft 2 and other Windows games.

sagunji profile image
Sagun Karanjit • Edited on

Started using NotionHQ and have started tracking myself, my projects, and everything else.

cmohan profile image
Catherine Mohan

Yay Notion! I've been using Notion for a couple years now as my online notebook and I love it! For development specifically, I use it to store links to articles and then pages of code snippets for thing I'm constantly looking up when I have to use them. Also for planning projects, but more high-level planning than task tracking.

adriangrigore profile image
Adrian Emil Grigore • Edited on

Found out about Netlify and Vercel deploy buttons today and added them to my nojs static site generator

pandaquests profile image

I wrote a elaborated article:
“Secrets of drawing with CSS and a single DIV” by pandaquests

ifelseolga profile image
Olga Lapovsky

-Started sending my CV.🔥
-Finished my first personal project in JavaScript .🎉

amberisvibin profile image
Amber 🏳️‍🌈

I played with making a Z80 emulator in rust

borisborisov profile image
Boris Borisov

I helped 2 developers to get hired remotely:

iamdavidlevai profile image
Dávid Lévai

Delivered first Sanity & NextJS project for a client.

mithil467 profile image
Mithil Poojary

I used nodejs, express, mongoDB for the first time and created a simple pastebin.

xinnks profile image
James Sinkala

Dev just awarded me a second badge, it's been two years for me in here 🎉. I just need to up my content creation game.

nektro profile image
Meghan (she/her)

I posted an article for the first time in a while, and gonna post another one soon

sridhar02 profile image

I began to learn rust and want to code low-level system design in future.

misslorsx profile image
Laura Jane

This tricky APIs - at the end I quite enjoyed learning about them. 🥳

anonymous12345 profile image

I upgraded my sister's win 8 to win 10. That was some serious work with a lot of uncertainty.

anzhari profile image
Anzhari Purnomo

Tried NestJS with Typescript and finally getting the hang of it.

jessekphillips profile image
Jesse Phillips

I wrote my first puppeteer test. Well, copied another test and modified it to my use. But this let me dive in and begin to formulate how to provide and organize helping methods.

itsdhruvdp profile image

My win this week was I completed all my pending work this week and also took an initiative to get a slack bot for Jenkins deployment job and integrated it.

amananandrai profile image

Completed my first certification on Analytics Vidhya.


darksos34 profile image

Milestone 2020
I got hired as a full stack developer, monday will be my first day as developer. Looking forward to learn more.

From carpenter to developer.