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What are you learning about this weekend? 🧠

Hi folks!

It's Saturday — woohoo!

Whether you're sharpening your JS skills, making PRs to your OSS repo of choice 😉, sprucing up your portfolio, or writing a new post here on DEV, we'd like to hear about it.

Hope y'all's learnings go well if that's your focus for the weekend, but of course, remember to reward yourself with some chill time too! 🧘

Kevin Hart sitting at an outdoor table at night outside of a pool. He says "Okay... Learn something new every day!"

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Arthur Kh

Thanks to the responses in my discussion

I've started working on small startup to develop a job board website for disabled people to help them with searching jobs, and documentation on how to study and protect your rights
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Renan Ferro • Edited

This week I'll implement SSR on my website: Dev Tab Daily and continue reading my favorite book: The Courage To Be Disliked: A single book can change your life

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Athreya aka Maneshwar

Learnt how DNS and AWS Route 53 works

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Rasheed K Mozaffar

Learning more about coding best practices by reading Clean Code
Also working on my chat application, adding many new features!

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aircrack-ng for intercepting packets on wifi networks. Super cool stuff.