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Wealthy? Or WELLthy?

Thinking about wealth beyond money, what does true wealth mean to you? How do you prioritize your spending and investments based on personal values and fulfillment? What aspects of your life contribute to your overall well-being and fulfillment?

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Ben Sinclair

Somewhere near the bottom of that famous pyramid is "food and shelter".

My goal is to have enough money that food and shelter aren't something that makes me anxious. I'm a lot better off than I used to be, but one slip, one more lost job and I could lose it, so it's always going to be an anchor.

Having said that, spending time doing the things you save up money to do is the way to go.

Don't hoard all your health potions past the end of the game.

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Lev Nahar

I gave up on owning a home (my dream is to own land with a building permit, but that is extremely expensive in my country, in the millions of dollars). I live well using my paycheck, and save what I can, but saving is not my priority. WELLthy for me, health and mental stability is more important than money.

Some may prefer working 12 hours a day 7 days a week and earn almost double than me, that is fine. I rather work significantly less and earn less. As long as I can pay rent, eat healthy food, and buy whatever gadget I want occasionally, I don't need anything else.

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Patrick Hyatt

I'll answer and it may be very specific to the US, although not limited.

Not having any debt is wealthy, for me. This gives peace of mind with other spending, such as food. If we're not under pressure to pay someone/thing else back, trying that new restaurant or buying something extra does not burn in the mind as negligent.

Additionally, knowing what enough is for you is wealthy, and wellthy. If you're always on the growth path, seeking bigger paychecks and more house, that rat race never ends. You will die chasing more instead of enjoying what you do have. Know, or at least have an idea, of what you need versus what you want.

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Lee Wynne

I’ll take both please 😍

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Stefan Moore

What's the difference between the two?