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πŸ“’ Uplifting Black Technologists: Spotlight on Black Tech Pipeline

In honor of Juneteenth, we’re uplifting initiatives and organizations that center Black and African-American technologists. Black Lives Matter, and we celebrate these orgs for their contributions toward creating futures for Black people and African-Americans while shaping our industry for the better.

In this post, we shine a spotlight on Black Tech Pipeline.

Black Tech Pipeline is a talent recruitment platform focused on Black professionals in the tech industry. It was founded in 2020 by Pariss Chandler, a software developer turned tech recruiter who discovered her passion for empowering Black technologists when she mobilized the hashtag #BlackTechTwitter in 2018.

Today, Black Tech Pipeline is home to a job board and newsletter aimed at connecting Black tech workers with roles, opportunities, and resources to support them in thriving in the tech industry. According to the BTPipeline FAQ:

Black Tech Pipeline partners with companies who truly practice safety, diversity, equity and inclusion internally and externally. We promote companies and organizations who are taking actionable steps to support their team members from marginalized communities in visible and impactful ways.

Black Tech Pipeline Job Board
If you're a Black technologist seeking new opportunities, consider checking out the Black Tech Pipeline job board for open roles!

If you're hiring β€” and your company is committed to the above values β€” you can submit your open roles for consideration using this AirTable form.

To hear Pariss share more about her experience building and growing Black Tech Pipeline, check out Season 23 Episode 8 of the CodeNewbie Podcast!

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As this final week of June comes to a close, we encourage you to support the work that organizations like CODE2040, Black Girls CODE, and Black Tech Pipeline are doing to advance racial equity in the tech industry all year round. Together, we can shape a better, more inclusive future for all. πŸ™Œ

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