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Trending Discussions of the Week - 9/19/23

Each week, we curate the most engaging #discuss posts on DEV to bring them to you in one comprehensive list. From coding tips to career advice, you'll find a range of topics that are buzzing in the DEV community.

@jaitramadandij knows how much it sucks to struggle in learning something new, but some pain is required to get those gains. How do you get past these obstacles in learning?
@ranggakd tells an honest and common story about having a wide skillset. What would you do in his position?
Here, Taylor does a follow-up post on his goal to make a meaningfully fast website. If you haven't read @tigt's Streets Series, you might wanna check it out.
Superpowers allow you to do something unique or something beyond what people without those powers could do. @szabgab asks, what superpower would programmers have if they were given them?
The challenge often lies in finding the right project to kickstart your open-source journey, so here's @nathan_tarbert to get you started!

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Retiago Drago

Thank you, the discussion helped me a lot