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The DevNews Podcast Season 8 Premiere is Here 🔊

Hi! I'm Levi Sharpe. If we haven't interacted here on DEV before, I'm Forem's Senior Podcast Producer. As my title suggests, I produce and mix our podcasts: DevDiscuss, The CodeNewbie Podcast, and DevNews

With so much going on all over the world, our team is experiencing a complicated (but net positive) mixture of emotions when it comes to the DevNews podcast returning: relief? responsibility? anticipation? Listen to the season 8 premiere of DevDiscuss and you'll hear what I mean.

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As a refresher, DevNews is the news show for developers by developers. Each season, our hosts cover the latest in the world of tech, and speak with diverse guests from a variety of backgrounds to dig deep into meaty topics such as security, the pros and cons of outsourcing your authentication, and the latest bugs and hacks.



  • Alexander Lebedev is a backend developer from Ukraine. He loves data and analytics systems and making blog posts and videos about how to improve quality of life.

In this episode, we talk about Elon Musk buying the largest share of Twitter and then flip flopping on being on the board. Then we speak with Alex Lebedev, software engineer at HotJar, about his experience living in Ukraine under the horrific conditions of its war with Russia, and about his blog post titled, “Coding Under Bombing.”

A huge thank you to Alex for reaching out to US with an offer to speak on our show about living in Ukraine. We're humbled to have had his time and thoughts on how we can support victims of war (hint: donate, donate, donate if you can). Alex pointed us to the following resources that we'd love for you to check out:

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Thank you to our Season 8 Sponsors:

Plus, thank you to @graciegregory for providing editorial support for this post

I hope you enjoy this kickoff to a new season of DevNews 📰 Looking forward to sharing the rest of our episodes with you.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thanks to all who contributed for this powerful kickoff to S8 💙 💛