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Should You Be Documenting Your Coding Journey?

Sharing your coding journey through tweets, blogs, or other means—does it make a difference? How has documenting your learning process impacted your experience and connections?

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Stephen Metcalfe

Perhaps, yes, but for some of us (well, for me) blogging is so danged difficult! Ideally though, blogging often forces you to look into something deeper than you normally would. By example, I am presenting HTMX to our company devs. That alone forced me to actually learn the library, and I've learned dat more in a short time than I would otherwise have done.

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Atul Kushwaha

i think it's a great idea, coz when you'd achieve something you'd be proud how far have you come

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Hope soo!!!!

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Atul Kushwaha

btw, blogs are one of the bets ways to do so

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Viviana Yanez

I am an advocate of tracking your journey in any way it is useful for you.
It may not be necessarily shared on social media, but keeping track of your journey is what allow you to be fully aware of your achievements.
For me, it was crucial to remember that I was writing primarily for my future self. This idea helped me to overcome the fear, remove a lot of pressure, and allowed to just start writing.

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Jean-Michel 🕵🏻‍♂️ Fayard • Edited

Learning programming is overwhelming
Imposter syndrom affects many of us
Keeping track of your progress is one of the most powerfull tools against that

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Yes! Getting good at writing documentation and managing knowledge will save you so much time and grey hair.