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Self-Studying Advice from CodeNewbie Community

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

I came across a great post on the CodeNewbie Community.

"Self-studying 101: Advice From a Self-Taught Dev”

If you're a newbie in deep need of self-teaching tips, or just feel like you need to improve on this skills, I highly recommend this post.

Reminder that the CodeNewbie community is a space entirely dedicated to newbie success. It's built DEV's open source software Forem but posts and comments are moderated explicitly with newbies in mind. Check it out if you want a second space to hang out.

Note: We're getting closer to getting Forem Open Source project to general availability with versioned releases for anyone who wants to host a Forem. Stay tuned.


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Ravi Krishnappa

It will be an interesting concept to implement Forem using well known web application technologies. Good for brainstorming and debating.