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📣 Registration Opens Today! Hacktoberfest 2023 🍁🎃

Get ready for the ultimate open-source celebration! Registration for Hacktoberfest 2023 opens today, and we're thrilled to share the excitement with you. But before you dive into this year's event, let's pause for a moment to explore the suite of DEV Hacktoberfest badges within your reach!

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🏆 Rewards & Badges

By completing four valid pull requests this month, you can earn exclusive prizes from our partner, DigitalOcean.

What's more, exclusive to DEV, you can unlock a suite of stylish Hacktoberfest badges for your DEV profile:

🛡️ DEV's Hacktoberfest 2023 Badge Series

Pledge Badge

Hacktoberfest 2023 Pledge Badge: Pledge your commitment and share your Hackathon experience or goals in a post. Start your badge collection with this one today! Here's the template to get started. (Don't forget to put the word "Pledge" in the title and tag your post with #hacktoberfest23.

Contributor Badge

Hacktoberfest 2023 Honored Contributor Badge: Contribute actively and write a related post.

Maintainer Badge

Hacktoberfest 2023 Honored Maintainer Badge: Maintain an active repository and share your experience.

DEV Contributor Badge

DEV Contributor Badge: Successfully merge a pull request into DEV's repositories. It's not part of the Hacktoberfest set, but it brings recognition and rewards.

Note on Eligibility: To claim your DEV badges, you'll need to have a account. Follow #hacktoberfest23 for updates and instructions. We'll issue rewards upon completion.📝

So let's do it! Join a vibrant online community, gain recognition for your contributions, and get ready for a fantastic Hacktoberfest journey!

Got Questions?
For immediate questions or concerns about Hacktoberfest 2023 with DEV, drop a comment or reach out to us at More details are coming, so stay tuned! 🚀

Top comments (6)

nathan_tarbert profile image
Nathan Tarbert

Can't wait!! This is going to be a great month!

BTW, if anyone is looking for a Typescript project that has Issues ranging from good first issue to enhancement you should check out
SAML Jackson! 🤩

rsaz profile image
Richard Zampieri • Edited

A good repo to contribute that is part of Hacktoberfest with good first issues, that are easy for new dev's.

manuelalferez profile image
Manuel Alférez Ruiz

A good project to participate in Flowinance: Managing your money is now easier than ever. Visualize your budget in a quick and easy way.

Text me for a chat – you're not alone! 😊
Read more

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

The new site is so cool 🤙

Best of luck with your hacking to all participants!

arafatweb profile image
Arafat Hossain Ar • Edited

Registered and Ready to start.

tanushree_aggarwal profile image
Tanushree Aggarwal

Ready to set started! 💪