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Reach Your Goals with the CodeNewbie Challenge (#CNC2021) 🎉

It's an exciting day for early-career developers and people learning to code!

The CodeNewbie Community has announced the relaunch of their beloved CodeNewbie Challenge with updated resources and a stronger focus on community support.

If you ever find yourself needing help when it comes to Starting to Code, Coding More, Writing More, or Getting a Job, the CodeNewbie Challenge 2021 (#CNC2021) is for you.

The five-week challenge is conducted through routine emails that package up manageable weekly "missions", suggested reading material from other community members, helpful worksheets and exercises, lots of support, and self-care tips. This potent combo will help you make real, satisfying progress towards your goals.

Ready to challenge yourself to reach your biggest early-career coding goals? Sign up and view FAQs and additional info here.

We hope you'll join us — you've got this! ❤️

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josephdailey11 profile image

Is this language agnostic meaning Im going to do this next week with c++ and other markup languages if I have time.

donnachin profile image
Donna Chin

Looking forward to it!

filatovv profile image
Yuri Filatov