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How to Climb the Tech Company Ladder?

What strategies and steps can aspiring tech professionals take to advance their careers and climb the ladder within tech companies? Share your insights and experiences.

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Ben Sinclair

Step one: join a company with a tech ladder.

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Jaime L贸pez

Step two: put me in contact with the HR team 馃槈

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Being in the industry for more than 3 years , here are some points i would like to put forward:

  • Being a junior , you should always do more than what you are being asked for ( this can be argumentative but believe me when i say this , this will really help you become the better version of yourself)
  • Take core reviews personally - by this i mean learn from them and try to up your coding game everytime you raise a PR
  • Now when you move to the second level , try to help your peers in any way possible - If you know something , they dont - teach them and by teaching them you are growing yourself as well
  • Try to understand the problems juniors are facing and try to put yourself into there shoes and understand what could have you asked for from a senior.
  • Now when you learn to manage a teeny tiny small team , ask for more people below you from your manager , this will help you go to the next phase of your career.
  • After this its about learning more about the business side of things and making life easy for the upper management rather than just coding
  • you help them achieve there business goals , they help you grow - simple as that.

Hope this was somewhat to the point

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Figure out what the product needs, and how to best work towards that. Creative ideas and well-reasoned suggestions are key. Especially in the early stages of your career, you can't rely purely on technical expertise - and even later-on, that only really matters if you become an actual expert in a specific niche - and then you have to keep yourself up to date on every new development.

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Ujjwal Tyagi

Although having started my professional journey only 2 years back, I would like to suggest a few things :

  • Cultivate a deep understanding of emerging technologies, positioning yourself as a go-to expert in your niche.

  • Develop authentic relationships within your network, emphasizing collaboration and shared success rather than mere networking that go beyond LinkedIn endorsements..

  • Strategically align your personal goals with impactful projects, showcasing your skills and ability to drive meaningful results.

  • Embrace a growth mindset, actively seeking unconventional learning experiences to stay ahead of the curve, just don't be in a stuck mindset.

  • Demonstrate leadership by navigating office dynamics with emotional intelligence(be human), effectively influencing positive change within your team.

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Blaire Anthony

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Ndeye Fatou Diop

I have +5 years of experience and this is the advice I wished I had received:

  • Focus on having impact: whatever work you do should be valuable
  • Then talk about the impact you had: if no one knows about what you did, you didn鈥檛 do it
  • Get comfortable saying no a lot: people will want your help to do something but it won鈥檛 necessarily align with your goals
  • When you just start as a junior dev, focus on building your skills for at least the first year
  • Please, please stop feeling as an impostor because it doesn鈥檛 help and it鈥檚 useless
  • Ask for help when you鈥檙e stuck but make sure to do some due diligence first
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Rick Jehan

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Starting as an intern, you will get to know the company and, step by step, crack the challenges you face in between.

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Robson Cassiano

Just learn a lot in your current job, then switch companies every year or so.
It just works.

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peter park

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