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Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Today, (May 19, 2022) is the 11th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day 🌐

In the spirit of raising awareness for this celebration dedicated to raising awareness of digital access and inclusion, here are some of our favorite past a11y posts on DEV.

Want to join the conversation? Share your accessibility-related thoughts, insights, and questions using this post template.

Anyone who shares an a11y post on DEV between now and Thursday, May 27, 2022 @ 11:59 PM UTC will get a special limited-edition badge!

Not sure where to start? Start here

This primer on accessibility basics from @alenanik is explained simply and clearly.

A thorough digital accessibility listicle handbook

101 high-quality tips, no filler! Thanks to @inhuofficial for compiling this truly impressive resource 🤯

Auditing existing features for accessibility

In this informative post, @abbeyperini documents the process of making their blog’s dark mode toggle feature screen reader-accessible. Check out the whole series!

Improving the accessibility of our own code

A little over a year ago Forem introduced End to End (E2E) testing to the app using Cypress. Here are Frontend Engineer @s_aitchison’s takeaways from the process:

That “ugly” outline is actually important!

A quick tip on aesthetics and accessibility from @colabottles.

An examination of the problems of ARIA-first development

The first rule of ARIA: “don’t use ARIA.” Confused? @steady5063 will explain:

Happy GAAD, everyone! 💙🌐

Did we skip one of your faves? Share an a11y-related post that has helped you out in the comments ⤵️ And feel free to share the posts you’ve written, too!

Discussion (13)

steady5063 profile image
Mark Steadman

Thanks for including my article! Very awesome to be included in this great list of people and articles about accessibility. It is also super dope to have promote global accessibility awareness day! Bringing to light #A11y in development can help us all make it the norm in the future!

auroratide profile image
Timothy Foster
inhuofficial profile image

Awesome list of talented individuals working in the accessibility space! ❤️

Not sure what went wrong when you included me, but thank you DEV team 🤣

Happy GAAD everyone!

abbeyperini profile image
Abbey Perini

Honored to be included with these awesome writers! 😍🦞 Happy GAAD!

jmau111 profile image

Happy GAAD!

kithminiii profile image
Kithmini🌸👩🏻‍🏫 • Edited on

Here is a simple introduction about importance of accessibility. Hope it will be a useful piece.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Some many great resources here!

alenanik profile image
Alena Nik

Happy GAAD!! 😍

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Looking forward to sinking my teeth into some of the new a11y posts we get over the next week. I think folks will really like the badge we're making for this ;)

dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

Amazing list of articles and definitely a big inspiration for me to explore accessibility even further.

colabottles profile image
Todd Libby

Thank you for including my article and it is a privilege to be included with the fantastic folks in the a11y community! 🦞🦞🦞🦞

andresbecker profile image
Andres Becker

Very detailed, thanks.

stormytalent profile image

Thanks for sharing!