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First Look: The Initial Wave of #DEVResolutions2024

It's the early days of 2024, and our DEV community is buzzing with energy and determination. Members from diverse backgrounds are sharing their aspirations, goals, and resolutions for the year ahead with #DEVResolutions2024.

Here are just a few community members who exemplify the spirit of DEVResolutions, and we are genuinely pleased to be part of their journeys. Let's take a closer look:

@amtzespinosa takes language learning to a whole new level with the ambitious goal of trying out 12 languages in 2024. Follow them on this exciting journey filled with discoveries and impressions, as they delve into the world of coding diversity. Good luck and happy coding!

From gaining remote IT roles to fostering knowledge in the community, @cbid2 shares their game plan for a thriving year ahead. Learn the golden rule they swear by to make your goals a reality, too!

@thejayhaykid embarks on a journey of continuous learning with a focus on reviving writing skills, exploring native app development, and delving into large-scale software architecture. Here's to a year of growth and exploration!

@adiatiayu invites the DEV community to join the Virtual Coffee initiative in setting and achieving new goals in the coming year. Discover how this community plans to support each other in reaching new heights and fostering a culture of collaboration. It's a call to action for collective growth and shared success.

Presented as a straightforward checklist, @vulcanwm #DEVResolutions2024 invites you to join the journey of accomplishment with achievable goals like overcoming procrastination, hitting YouTube milestones, and launching monthly projects. Why not take on the challenge and create your own checklist? ✅

As a tech enthusiast dedicated to continuous learning, @robinamirbahar shares goals in Cloud Computing, work-life balance, and DEV community contributions. 🙌 Join their journey of setting clear objectives, engaging with a support system, and making a meaningful impact!

How do you plan to crush your goals this year? Share your plans with the community! Drop a note in the comments or share your aspirations for 2024 using our handy template. 💬🚀 Don't forget to tag your posts with #DEVResolutions2024!


Tag your posts with #DEVResolutions2024 to share your goals, track your progress, and inspire the DEV community with your achievements for the coming year.

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