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Christine Belzie
Christine Belzie

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Crushing it: My New Year's Resolutions for 2024

Time for A New Beginning

Through the time I've been documenting my tech journey, I've learned this golden rule: speak your goals, make them a reality. So, here's my 2024 game plan!

Professional Goals:

  1. Goal: To gain a fully remote full time or part-time IT HelpDesk role
  2. Action Steps:
  3. Take an course or training program on IT Support: As someone who is still fairly new to tech, taking a course on this subject would help me gain the knowledge needed to succeed in this role.
  4. Hands-on Implementation: I'm a firm believer in that you gain experience through action, so I plan on finding open source projects or remote apprenticeship programs where I can put these skills into practice. Any suggestions?
  5. Timeline: Complete the course mid-2023 and pass the Comptia+ exam soon after.

Goal for DEV Community:

  1. Contribution Goal: To foster more knowledge to the community
  2. Collaboration Plans:
  • Do more documentation-related and code contributions to Forem's repository
  • Publish more articles on and Hashnode.
  • Offer more comprehensive feedback to people's articles as a moderator.
  • Measuring Impact:
  • Keeping an eye on responses to my posts and feedback.
  • Chatting with moderators about the value of my open-source contributions.

Until Next Time!

And that folks are my 2024 resolutions! Stay tuned for the journey ahead! 🚀✨

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Khloe Brown

Best of luck with your goals of learning more about tech and evolving your skills! You got this! 💪

Is there anything you want to tackle learning first? What area(s) of tech are you interested in? Maybe I can help with some ideas or sources to learn from 😀

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Christine Belzie • Edited

Thanks @khloeabrown! :) I just learned about Catalye’s apprenticeship program and Apprenti’s apprenticeship program. Maybe you can connect me with people who have taken these programs?

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Paweł Ciosek

Great resolutions! Keep it up! 🙌

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Osazuwa J. Agbonze

Rooting for you Christine 🤞

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Christine Belzie

Thank you! 😊

lymah profile image

LG @cbid2!