dev.to Repo Recap from the Past Two Weeks

Andy Zhao (he/him) on February 08, 2019

Welcome back to another Repo Recap. Normally, we cover the previous week's contributions to dev.to's repository and the iOS repo. This week, we'll ... [Read Full]
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Thank you Andy for setting up these posts! I'm sure it takes more than a minute to track all changes, summarize the contributions and write the post! šŸ’Ŗ


It does take a while! I'm glad you enjoy reading it :) I'll be posting how I do it soon, especially because I've FINALLY automated it! It took me a while to get around to doing it, but I'm really glad I did.


I did not expect to be recognized. Fill little childishly happy to be recognized :D
Thank you for putting this together!


Oh, wow. That's a lot of contributors compared to the previous weeks. This is great!


Yeah it's great. Big turnout for these two weeks!


Thank you, Andy. Iā€™m so happy because being part of the dev contributor.


@andy , @ben , @rhymes , @jess

I need the advice to improve this project.


Repo Page: github.com/aligoren/dev-recap

This Vue project fetches issues and pulls requests of the current week using Github API.

I think it just needs UI improvement :)


Hi Ali, what kind of advice do you need? Do you have specific questions?

BTW There's no code nor I can see the website :D I can imagine you took it down between then and now

A little bit of advice: to maximise your chances to get fruitful answers from people on personal project is probably better if use this technique: "hey, i did this and that, but i was wondering if this other thing or that other thing would be better, what do you think?" or "i did this and that, i'm stuck on this line, do you have any ideas?"

Better yet if you submit it to the DEV community with a post, you never know who might have the answer you're looking for ;)

Good luck with your project in the meantime!


Thanks, I republished the repo :)

I also published a discussion topic dev.to/aligoren/i-need-advice-for-...


Thanks to @rhymes for reordering the followed tags page in your dashboard to be sorted by descending weight, popularity, and ascending name (in that order).

Woo! šŸŽ‰

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