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#DEVDiscuss: WWDC 2023

Hey Devs, happy Friday 🦥💚

As always, it's been an eventful week in the tech industry. We've got a lot to talk about! And today I want to discuss...Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2023.

This year's conference came with one big, exciting announcement: Apple Vision Pro 🤯

Our community members @ben, @thorstenhirsch, and @theklr had some interesting initial reactions to the groundbreaking news...

It feels like so many of Apple's last decade lead up pretty seamlessly to Vision Pro.

It's not clear whether this product will ultimately matter much, at least in the near future, due to some clunkiness like external battery and lack of obvious utility with some of the experiences they demo'd.

However, it's pretty clear that they have a really consistent strategy — with Apple Silicon at the center.

Who's paying that amount of money for an entertainment device? So I guess Apple wants people to use it for work... but I haven't seen any reason why I should want to work with such a device on my head.

Unless Apple releases an SE edition for $1000 (for entertainment - their Disney deal is genius!) they will lose big against Meta with this device... I guess.

Feels like the apple watch all over again. Limited market testing, but confident in experience to finally release. I think its something we'll have to wait 3-5 years to see the results. Happy to see though Apple marketing still refuses to use "tech specs" when introducing products however. All the hype stuff is still there, it just doesn't matter to most consumers when going to a store. At the end of the day this will live and die by the adoption rate on both ends and wondering if Apple is going to look away at that one market that would probably push this thing forward (that industry always has).

But Vision Pro wasn't the only news from the conference (even if the feed was acting like it 👀) — check out this very good point from @sebastian_wessel.

So, what did you think of WWDC 2023?

  • Have your thoughts on Apple Vision Pro changed over the past few days?
  • Are there other bits of news from the conference we ought to be talking about?
  • Is the whole conference overhyped anyway? (Team Android, anyone?)

Share your thoughts in the comments and let's discuss!

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Top comments (3)

justinfreitag profile image
Justin Freitag • Edited

visionOS is prep for Brain Computer Interfaces? 🤔. They should have gone with Extended Reality branding, as per speculation. Overall WWDC was fairly vanilla and I'm not a fan of Apple pushing consumer or business hardware that doesn't require significant developer input well ahead of release (such as the Vision Pro headset). Largely ignoring generative AI was a misstep, something that Microsoft got right with this year's Build.

pavelee profile image
Paweł Ciosek

In a topic of Apple Vision Pro, what about people with defect of vision? Is that mean they will need to invest extra money into lenses? If yes, Is it gonna still work with eye tracking technology?

Of course it's first iteration of this technology, but I wonder how Apple will (or not) respond to the problem.

cchana profile image
Charanjit Chana

Safari’s dev tools look like they’re actually going to be useable. The only reason I really keep Chrome around is because debugging and checking responsive designs is so much easier. I also use the screenshot tools a lot so wonder if they’ll be there too?!