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DevDiscuss Episode 4: Should Ruby Still be a Thing in 2020?

Jess Lee (she/her)
・2 min read
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This week, Ben and I were lucky to have James Harton (senior developer at Balena) and Vaidehi Joshi (senior software engineer here at DEV) join us for an in-depth conversation on the value of Ruby in today’s world. James and Vaidehi were the perfect pair to join us for this topic on DevDiscuss given their extensive experience with the language.

James has been using Ruby since around 2005, just a few years after its popularity began to surge. He became one of the only certified Rails dev in New Zealand shortly thereafter, which led him to professional opportunities as well as roles as a committee member for the Ruby New Zealand Association. James even helped to organize a Rails camp in Auckland!

Vaidehi began her education as a software engineer six years ago with Ruby at a coding bootcamp -- and has been using Ruby on Rails ever since. At DEV, Vaidehi is part of a team of engineers that makes your experience with the community magical, intuitive to use, and delightful for new users. Vaidehi builds and manages many of the helpful pages new DEV users see right out of the gate -- and these are delivered via our Rails app! In short, if you’ve ever used DEV, you’ve interacted with the applications Vaidehi oversees in her role.

In this episode, Ben, Vaidehi, James, and I discuss:

  • Why Ruby and Rails have reached the popularity they have in the first place
  • The nuances of the Ruby community and how its optimized for developer happiness
  • Why the pros and cons of Ruby are a great subject for debate
  • How the Ruby ecosystem has grown, changed, and paved the path for other languages
  • How Ruby consistently helps devs fall back in love with programming
  • The common pitfalls of the very language we love here at DEV

…and much more!

Check out Episode 4 of DevDiscuss: Should Ruby Still Be a Thing in 2020? today. If you enjoy it, please consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts. We’ll mail you a small thank you gift if you send us a screenshot of your review by June 30! All you have to do is fill out this form.

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Discussion (7)

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her) Author

@jimsy and @vaidehijoshi , thank you for joining us ❤️

drbragg profile image
Drew Bragg

Great podcast! I really enjoyed the discussion.

lehmannsystems profile image

Listened last night during a drive and loved it. Honestly it has me really thinking about trying Rails. I want to do some more research on it but might try a side project using it!

jcolag profile image
John Colagioia (he/him)

It's definitely worth a look. Around the new year, I was able to put together a functioning forum-like system with threads based around punctuation (a gesture towards interrupting someone at a natural breaking point) in...probably around thirty hours, scattered in hour-or-less chunks.

Granted, it's not a much better experience, like it was ten years ago (the last time I worked with Rails) in a world where web frameworks were all trying to catch up, but it was still easy enough to get it running.

rafi993 profile image
leastbad profile image

Folks, if you keep telling people about Rails, we'll lose our massive productivity and happiness arbitrage.

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her) Author