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S1:E4 - Should Ruby Still Be a Thing in 2020

Ruby is a scripting language created in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan. It's popularity surged in Japan by 2000, which was also when the first English language book about the language, Programming Ruby was printed. After that, Ruby had its sunrise and sunset in terms of favor amongst developers, but continues to have a robust community of users. In this episode, we talk about the history of the language, some of its benefits and pitfalls, and why we continue to use it at DEV, with Vaidehi Joshi, senior software engineer at DEV, and James Harton, software engineer at Balena, and author of the 2018 DEV post, "Please stop using Ruby."

Show Notes

James Harton

James is a senior software engineer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has over 20 years experience in network and software engineering, and system administration. He is strongly focused on diversity, collaboration, ethics, and mental health in the tech industry. He loves to make things.

Vaidehi Joshi

Vaidehi Joshi is a senior software engineer at DEV, and creator of the Base.cs blog series and podcast.

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rafi993 profile image
Rafi • Edited

In the rails conf 2020 keynote Dhh (creator of ruby on rails) talks about something similar how old things get re-discovered in tech like a pendulum swinging back. This is an awesome episode.

chethanagopinath profile image
Chethana Gopinath

I just heard about this podcast and DevNews yesterday and I must say I really loved this episode specially because I just started learning Ruby and Rails a couple of months ago but wanted to know why it wasn't as popular as the MERN stack and such. Wonder if you made an episode on why Python has started to spike up - although most of us know why, I always felt curious.

itsmemohan profile image
Mohan Murali Kumar

Hi Team,

This is my first podcast experience and my entry in learning a programming Language, I really want to learn and excel Ruby , this episode had great insights and an interactive session for newbies like me to understand the importance of ruby. I thoroughly enjoyed and the best part I liked was it was not just a session of glorifying the language, it was indeed a balanced one.

incredibleone profile image
Anshul singh

I just started learning Ruby and this podcast guided me thoroughly. Thank you and God bless you:-P