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#DEVCommunity: Now available via Toot 🦣

Update: We've moved to Check out this post for more info:

We're live on Mastodon! 🦣

Follow us from anywhere in the Fediverse. We look forward to expanding our presence into new and exciting servers in the future — for now, this is our home for toots.

Currently, we're cross-posting our Twitter feed to Mastodon using We recommend checking it out if you're looking for a simple solution to expand your presence across platforms.

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windyaaa profile image
Windya Madhushani

Great article.

andypiper profile image
Andy Piper

You should add the rel="me" tag on to verify the URL in your profile 🙂

mjgardner profile image
Mark Gardner

Yep, just add another icon to the home page sidebar
Image description

drsensor profile image

That account will be tough on my timeline since it post each hour 😂
Wish in Mastodon I can reorder my timeline by ranking specific follow list.

isaacdlyman profile image
Isaac Lyman • Edited

Welcome to the fediverse! I'm, if anyone wants to chat.

rutamhere profile image
Rutam Prita Mishra

Great! See you there 👍

devshirt_club profile image

nice, We'll for sure check it out

matt1cs profile image
Matheus 🇧🇷

I hope in the future a instance on Mastodon.

craignicol profile image
Craig Nicol (he/him) • Edited

What if was a Mastodon instance (or more likely a subdomain like ) so we all have a feed with our own posts and comments that we can boost and syndicate elsewhere?

jnv profile image
Jan Vlnas

What if Forem itself was actually an ActivityPub server… 🤔

andypiper profile image
Andy Piper

Excellent! Loving Mastodon right now <3