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#DEVCommunity: Now available via Toot 🦣

Update: We've moved to Check out this post for more info:

We're live on Mastodon! 🦣

Follow us from anywhere in the Fediverse. We look forward to expanding our presence into new and exciting servers in the future — for now, this is our home for toots.

Currently, we're cross-posting our Twitter feed to Mastodon using We recommend checking it out if you're looking for a simple solution to expand your presence across platforms.

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andypiper profile image
Andy Piper

Excellent! Loving Mastodon right now <3

isaacdlyman profile image
Isaac Lyman • Edited

Welcome to the fediverse! I'm, if anyone wants to chat.

rutamhere profile image
Rutam Prita Mishra

Great! See you there 👍

craignicol profile image
Craig Nicol (he/him) • Edited

What if was a Mastodon instance (or more likely a subdomain like ) so we all have a feed with our own posts and comments that we can boost and syndicate elsewhere?

jnv profile image
Jan Vlnas

What if Forem itself was actually an ActivityPub server… 🤔

drsensor profile image

That account will be tough on my timeline since it post each hour 😂
Wish in Mastodon I can reorder my timeline by ranking specific follow list.

andypiper profile image
Andy Piper

You should add the rel="me" tag on to verify the URL in your profile 🙂

mjgardner profile image
Mark Gardner

Yep, just add another icon to the home page sidebar
Image description

mpfdev profile image
Matheus 🇧🇷

I hope in the future a instance on Mastodon.

windyaaa profile image
Windya Madhushani

Great article.

devshirt_club profile image

nice, We'll for sure check it out