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Day 12 - The 12 Days of DEV: December 2023

Hey, hey! It's the final day of "The 12 Days of DEV"! 🎄🎉 We've made it to the year's end; now let's take a look at the top two articles of December 2023.

This compilation showcases the community's favorites, determined by a mix of comments, reactions, and page views (with just a very subtle touch of editorial curation). And while these articles shine as the most popular, it's worth noting that they vary from the DEV team's chosen Weekly Top 7 (though there might be some shared gems.) 🌟

In this beginner-friendly guide, @vivekalhat walks us through the observer pattern, outlining the mental model and providing examples of the pattern, so you can observe it in action.

Pulling together a solid list of skills, habits, and traits worth developing, @dragosnedelcu offers up some excellent advice for anybody out there aspiring to become a successful senior developer.

Happy reading, happy New Year, and happy coding! 🥳💻🚀

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