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Ben Halpern on May 07, 2019

Need a mentor? Need collaborators on a new project? Need conference talk proposals? Need work? The DEV Community needed a classifieds section. ... [Read Full]
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One more thing:

I can never keep track of conference CFPs. And in general I hate that I'm supposed to be plugged in to Twitter so I don't miss some of this stuff. This was the one part I was dying to create for my own purposes.

If you are part of organizing an upcoming conference, please submit a CFP listing! I hope we can become the dedicated space for getting the word out. We have a kind, engaged, diverse community of developers who would love to know which conferences to submit to.


Also if you have any ideas for additional categories, please let us know!

Also if you don't like the grid layout, we'll have configuration coming soon! (In addition to other useful follow-on features).


The only issue I have encountered so far is with replying...if the poster has not enabled open inbox, there's no way to actually reply unless they happen to list contact information on GitHub or their personal website.

It would be very helpful if the instructions on the create a listing page mentioned how to change your inbox settings so that others can reply. Bonus points if it can detect automatically if you have already opted-in to open inbox!


Yep, we didn’t get to build out every path and feature before we saw how folks were using it but stuff along these lines is in the works πŸ˜„

Thanks a lot for the input to help guide us in the right direction.

Happy to help! This site is awesome...the community is a lot more positive and mature than some of the other communities I used to frequent for programming-related discussions. This weekend, I am going to try to look into some of the open issues and see if there is anything I can assist with, I would love to be able to give back to the community!


I'm organising JScamp and the first CSScamp in Barcelona on July 17-18-19 and that would be very helpful 😍Big thanks for all your contribution to the community!


Love this thinking. As a Developer Advocate, I struggle to find a maintained list of not only CFPs but also developer conferences to consider for sponsorships.

For CFPs, one thing I've found useful is the cfp land twitter feed: There's a website also, but I haven't used it much. Also, there's

Nice job with this! I'll be listing a Heroku job opening shortly (sneak peek).


I'm helping to organise Pycon in Singapore for this year will definitely put in a CFP for when we are ready. It's awesome to have multiple awesome features.


Love this idea! Great mix between business proposition and community value!

I know you guys replaced the membership style support with this, but I'd probably be willing to support with a monthly purchase or a credit or too as well! Just another thought/idea!


Thanks Corey!

Yes. We gently retired memberships in conjunction with this. We also retired the dedicated mentorship area. Both were the right ideas but rushed and never quite right.

This was a moment to regroup and get rid of a lot of technical debt from the past year. In some capacity, all the good ideas that came with memberships will live on in the future, we just needed to refresh.

Anyone looking to "buy in" and/or "invest" in in a way, can definitely do so with bulk credit purchases of some kind. You get a discount by buying upfront and there will definitely be interesting ways to spend them in the future, both in giving back to the community but also helping your own career.

We haven't rolled everything out yet, but unlike memberships, where we were seeking reasons for the value exchange to make sense, this time we're overflowing with possible scenarios, we just have to implement it cohesively.

We have a very strong platform to grow from here. Both in terms of the community, as well as the codebase. The listings/credit system will also be valuable for future communities that are spawned from the generalized open source version of the platform that we're chipping away at.

It's been fun and your support has been amazing Corey!!


Love It!

It'd be interesting to be able to sort the listings based on things related to the submitter's activity on the site. Incentivize people to be more involved in the community instead of just dumping their listing and leaving. (Not sure if that's going to be a problem, just a thought)


I like that listings cost credits and that credits can be purchased (in addition to being earned). I think it nicely balances things for everyone. :-)


Love everything about it!

As you mentioned this would replace both memberships and mentorships but I feel like it can also replace the
events page.

Thumbs up for the occasional weekend sprint β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ



The way we're thinking about this is that the listings area is the window in to all of these things and allow us to get as "horizontal" as we like in terms of covering mentorship, collabs, events, etc. But if we want dedicated, structured features, those could be added back in after at a later date.

I could see a future where listings are a thing, but from listings you could create a dedicated "event" page with all the fixings like RSVP, date as viewable on a calendar, etc. and listings wouldn't have to know about this stuff. For now listings are free space that only have to adhere to a few protocols in terms of categories and tags. For events you can link out to Eventbrite etc. if you need a dedicated lander but we could eventually provide that as an option.

The same goes with something like job listings. Right now we take the simplest approach to sort of kick you off to some kind of job lander where you can go through whatever dedicated funnel you want to. In the future we could complement that with an option to allow folks to go through the initial funnel right on-site.

In the past we've made the mistake of trying to build all these vertical funnels ourselves instead of acting as the glue. We ultimately shipped a bunch of 80%-finished features and never had the resources to properly maintain and iterate. So we're back to acting as the glue and if we ever want to go vertical in the future as a progressive enhancement over listings, we can take our time and do it right.


Both for job listings and available for hire I would suggest that you use a standardized format. Perhaps take the format from HN hiring. That would make that much easier to scan the listings.

Also it would be nice if the properties of the standardized format could be searchable.


This makes sense, thanks for the feedback.


Great work @ben and team. Awesome stuff. As awesome as this cat shooting fireballs out of its mouth.

Cat shooting fireballs out of its mouth


Well done to everyone who was involved in this! It's a great addition to the site and fits in perfectly to the ecosystem.

Will be really interesting to see how this evolves, as there are so many possibilities! πŸ™Œ


Great job! Is there a protocol for responding to the listings (like a mentor request)? Just message them through


I think that's supposed to be the idea...but if the listing owner hasn't enabled open inbox, then you're SOL unless they have contact information on their GitHub profile or personal website.

I have not tried to create a listing yet, but it would be helpful if the instructions encouraged the user to enable open inbox or if there was a way to initiate a chat from the message listing.


Thanks. I have just an informal response that I wanted to make like "I have some, but not all of the skills listed in your mentor request. If you are still looking for someone, let me know."


Just use it, can you make markdown doesn't count for the character count?
By examples, links, the brackets, the parenthesis count and also de url.
For URLs, my suggestion would be to add them as a field in the form.


Yep, this is on the TODO list but something we didn’t think of as critical for launch. Thanks for bringing it up.


Thanks, in the meanwhile I can share my workarround; use By example I got and reduced signinficantly the url length from the storage original


The listings sound very exciting!

Also...dark theme πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


offtop. wtf with font-family in article (windows 10). Can you please make it as in comments?


This is cool!

Observation - the link to listings does not seem very visible in the default DEV UI at the moment. Any thoughts about where this might slot in to the page design?


I really like the DEV team way of solving problems like helping recruiters and job seekers in such a neat way... hats off!


this is awesome! totally happy to see this πŸ™ŒπŸ™


Yayyyy congrats DEV team! killer stuff for the community here :D


Is there anyway we could add a place for meetups to request for speakers in their area?


I'm actually really excited about this! It's sorta a Craigslist for Devs...without the creepy stalker vibe.


I would love to use this for find beta testers :)

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