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Analytics will be generally available soon

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

When everything is !important, nothing is !important. We've been delayed at making post analytics generally available, but we're finally ready to buckle down and iron out the issues and ship non-buggy (hopefully) analytics for all.

Feel free to comment any thoughts on this feature that we should take into consideration.

Also I think night mode is coming. This PR looks promising.

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. πŸ˜„


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Really looking forward to the Night Mode!


Been working on my own version using Stylus/CSS browser extensions:

.stories-show {
    background:#303030 !important;

/* Menu Colors */

.top-bar nav,
.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-nav-block .sidebar-nav-subheader, 
.single-comment-node .inner-comment {

.top-bar nav svg {
    fill: #F5F5F5;

/* Content Box Colors */

/* Only background */

.home .side-bar .widget .cta-button {

/* BG + Text */

.container .body {

/* BG + Text Color + Box Shadow */

.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-profile-snapshot,
.home .side-bar .widget,
.home .articles-list .single-article,
.home .articles-list .single-article.big-article .content-wrapper,
.primary-sticky-nav .primary-sticky-nav-element,
footer .container .inner-footer-container  {
    border: 1px solid #252525;
    box-shadow: 3px 3px 0px #252525;

/* Box Hover */

.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-nav-block .sidebar-nav-element.sidebar-nav-readinglist:hover,
.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-nav-block .sidebar-nav-element.sidebar-nav-readinglist .sidebar-nav-link:hover {

/* Border Color */

.single-comment-node .inner-comment {
    border:1px solid #222

/* Text Color */

.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-nav-block .sidebar-nav-subheader a,
.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-profile-snapshot .sidebar-profile-snapshot-inner,
.home .side-bar .sidebar-nav .sidebar-nav-block .sidebar-nav-element a.sidebar-nav-link,
.single-comment-node .details a,
.more-articles a,
.primary-sticky-nav .primary-sticky-nav-author a,
.show-page-content-display a,
.home .side-bar .widget .widget-body .widget-podcast-ep a {

.home .side-bar .widget .widget-body .widget-events-single-link,
.home .side-bar .widget-link-list__item a,
.home .articles-list a,
.home .side-bar .widget .widget-body .sidebar-sponsor .sponsor-tagline,
.home .side-bar .widget header a {


Mind sharing a screenshot of how this looks?


Generally, analytics will be available soon.
Analytics, generally will be available soon
Analytics will generally be available soon
Analytics will be generally available soon
Analytics will be available generally soon.
Analytics will be available soon, generally.

Semantic Satiation has caused this sentence to lose meaning to me. I think there's something about analytics.


Not sure if it's feasible, but it'd be cool to see like which links got clicked on in the article.

Maybe also "Reading Time" which could be a metric shared similar to Medium where each article gets an "Average Read Time". That way you know before clicking if it's a short little discussion post or if it's more of a "read it over lunch" kind of article.


I'm hoping there's a way to do that while preserving the link address, so you can mouse over a link to see where it leads.


"When everything is !important, nothing is !important" - Ben

Can I use that quote? :D

I look forward to the analytics features.


You can use it but I wouldn't quote me. I've seen it as sort of a meme.


I'm immediately reminded of a similar line from The Incredibles


Is this based on the Google Analytics API? Or do you do your own data collection?


It will pull from Google Analytics, but eventually we'd like to go self-hosted on this stuff.


Very cool! Looking forward to it.


The one thing that frontend and backend developers agree on is that styling is !important