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On real world coding challenge


We've done a t-shirt for real world coding challenge. The one you usually get as part of recruitment process

real world coding challenge

Common coding challenges

Whether it is building a stripped version of battleship game that github uses for their recruitment process for enterprise applications engineer role, whether it is building a simple chat application, whether it is a url shortener. There are countless of different real world coding challenges circulating in the wild.

What engineering managers and team leads mostly check for in this kind of take at home assignments is:

  1. Do you know how to structure the project according to standard practice.
  2. Do you know how to write clean cod
  3. Do you know how to input validation in order to avoid crashes
  4. Generally do you know the language/framework required for the role.

You can often help yourself by searching for similar projects on github. There might be some open source solutions that can inspire you. Just be careful not to copy somebody's bad practices.

Do we need coding challenge

Hiring mangers usually don't know how to get the best person for the job. They must assume that that the person applying for the job is trying to oversell. It is really hard to trust the stranger that he has the skills he says he has. That is the main reason why we have technical challenge as part of the hiring process.

I mean it feels a bit wierd to have it, especially if you are also doing a references check. If you do references check you can assume person has the required coding skills. On top of that there are plenty of product skills, as well as soft skills that are usually expected from software engineer, but on the other hand are rarely tested. At the same time it is not uncommon to have multiple people fitting the role, technical challenge is one way to further narrow it down and find the best candidate for the job.


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