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House Keeping

After working as a React developer for over 2+ years now, there are some things I have learned and some that I have rapidly unlearned. I have worked on numerous projects ranging from fintech, edutech and all the way down to health and lifestyle.

In my day to day, React and Next.js are my daily drivers but Next.js more than React.

And during these times there was one thing that had always bothered me, some devs don't do enough "house keeping".

House Keeping?

Yes, house keeping.

In a bid to move fast and deliver projects to client we sometimes leave webs of mess behind. Does the code work? Yes, Is it at it optimum? Maybe not. At the end of the day, the application is delivered to the client and that's the end.

Recently, I started building a project/product of my own, written in Next.js with some extra stuff and a BaaS (back-end-as-a-service).

After reaching a particular milestone, I added a ticket and raised a Github issue named "Implement proper code documentation in form of comments and code optimization".

What this does is that it serves as a reminded that coding or programming is an art as well as it is science, things need to have a definite structure.

It also saves me from having to start cleaning code when the codebase starts to become a little bit thicker.

Github issue for code cleanup and optimization

Benefits of House Keeping

  • Code is clean
    At the barest minimum this is what you want to achieve, clean code. Readable, maintainable and extensible.

  • You'll be happy writing clean code
    This is the first time in a long time, that I have actually enjoyed writing code, and also the first time in a long time that I want to continue working on a project.

  • Confidence, Typescript is the GOAT
    Working with Typesscript has given me confidence when it comes to writing code, I feel safe knowing things will function the right way. Not just Typescript but any language that has static type checking will help you have confidence in your codebase.

  • Easier documentation
    Documentation becomes way more easier when your code is clean and when each component is where it's supposed to be.


I have had the best time writing code on this project, for once I have some much confidence in the work I'm doing. There's a new stride in my step and a new found love for coding that I have never experience before.

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