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Friday Night Deploys: #14 Be The G.O.A.T. When You're Remote

Quick Note

With recent world events, it seems like the topic of remote work is becoming much more important. Since the recording of this episode more conferences and tradeshows have been canceled/gone digital and many companies are now moving to remote work in response. We hope everyone remains cautious and healthy during this time and transition smoothly to remote work as needed!


Last week the DevPlebs talk about: Keith not being as anti-social as he seems! Building up bad karma from being negative! How Mark Zuckerberg would kill his employees! The torture scene from The Social Network! Phil's bizarre lying story! Getting out of homework! Jay Chesterman's large muscles & great skateboarding skills! Phil hiding from his teacher under a table! Teaching your children to have a lack of accountability! Being locked out of the brand Twitter account! Trap country! Train germs! Gym sweat! Washing your hands for the first time! Keith`s Liam Neeson impression! Office mold! Trust issues! Trying really hard to not say something bad about someone! The perils of micromanagement! Touques (or beanies, depending on where you're from)! Giving unwarranted nutritional advice! Staying hydrated! Our credentials as water doctors! Mouthguard science!

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