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How does pick work in typescript ⛏️

Hi everyone, how are you today? Hope you all are doing well!

Rick and Morty


Today we are going to understand how the pick utility works and how it is built!


First, it is important to understand that the
Typescript is considered a
superset of Javascript, is responsible for adding static type definitions.

Types provide a way to describe the shape of objects, allowing TypeScript to verify that the code is working correctly.

To work

The pick utility builds a new type based on the set of properties chosen in the second generic position.See an example:

type Water = {
  hydrogen: number;
  oxygen: number;

type Electrolysis = Pick<Water, "hydrogen">;

const electrolysis: Electrolysis = {
  hydrogen: 2,

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In this case, we are extracting hydrogen from the water type to create a new type, in this case electrolysis

This produces an exothermic reaction. In the case of hydrogen and oxygen, the energy released is almost impossible to control, and most often leads to an explosion.

But how does the pick do it?

First, we must understand what mapping functions are.

A mapped type is a generic type that uses a union of key properties to iterate through keys to create a new type.

See an example:


P will interact about id and name. T[P] returns the readonly type of iterated position.

keyof produces a string or numeric literal union of keys of type.

Deconstructing the pick utility


In this case we use a generic to capture the keys we want and restrict with extends, after that we use the mapping function to traverse all K (parameters passed to generic)!

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this is magic!

Time is very important, thanks for sharing a little bit of yours with me 😊.



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