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Creating Shopify theme from scratch - Part 2

Installing Themekit for Windows

There are 3 ways to install Themekit

  1. Chocolatey - Will need to have .NET Framework 4+ installed
  2. Manually - Will need to set PATH environment variable
  3. Node Package - might have to set PATH environment variable

Installing using Chocolatey

  1. Install Chocolatey, if you haven't Install Chocolatey
  2. In the command prompt or powershell choco install themekit

Installing manually

  1. Download from Themekit
  2. In your C:\Program Files create a folder Theme Kit
  3. Place the downloaded theme.exe into C:\Program Files\Theme Kit
  4. Add C:\Program Files\Theme Kit to your PATH environment variable.

    • In command prompt run rundll32.exe sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables
    • Select Path and click Edit Alt Text
    • Click new and type in C:\Program Files\Theme Kit and OK and OK Alt Text
  5. Run in command prompt theme and you should see
    Alt Text

  6. Run in command prompt theme update to update to the newest version

Installing using npm

  1. In your selected directory for creating a theme, in command prompt run npm install @shopify/themekit
  2. In command prompt run theme
    • Note: If you are getting an error that theme command doesn't exist or something like that, it is better off to install manually since you will also need to add to environment variable
  3. Run in command prompt theme update to update to the newest version

Create a new theme

  1. In the directory you are going to work in, run in command prompt theme new --password=[your-password] --store=[] --name=[theme name]
    • Replace [your-password] with the API password from Part 1
    • Replace [] and [theme name]

More info on themekit commands can be found on Themekit's website

Useful resources for theme development

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