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Creating Shopify theme from scratch - Part 1

Ever want to start creating your own Shopify theme and not sure where to start?
This will assume you know HTML/CSS/JS basics and how Shopify works.

Getting access to a Shopify store

The best way to get access to a development Shopify store is being a Shopify partner.

  1. You can sign up at for free.

  2. Create your development store
    Alt Text

  3. Add collections and products.

  4. Get API access for private apps. (Themekit will use the API credentials in the Part 2)
    Alt Text

  5. Click Create new private app
    Alt Text

  6. Fill in the app name and your email.
    Make sure to click Show inactive Admin API permissions and give read and write access for Themes
    Leave the Webhook API version to the latest and the Storefront API box unchecked, then SAVE
    Alt Text

  7. Copy down the API password. (Themekit will use the API password in the Part 2)
    Alt Text

You can always go back to the private apps section to get the API credentials.

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