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Introduction to Machine Learning

devesh2511 profile image Devesh Jain ・1 min read

Let’s say you’re about to face the big boss in a video game. You charge forward … and get flattened. Next time, you might try pausing first… and not getting flattened. You’re learning and improving. Until finally, you can beat the level.

That’s the idea behind machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence. Traditional computers can’t fix problems on their own. But with machine learning, they can learn from past data – past results – and make better decisions in the future. On lots and lots of scenarios at once, to improve at incredible speeds.

Ever get product recommendations when you shop with a retailer online? Notice that the suggestions tend to be pretty accurate. That’s machine learning – the retailer’s AI is always getting better at figuring out what you’re likely to buy, even as your tastes evolve.

Hope you enjoyed this human learning about machine learning.

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