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How are you planning for an unpredictable future?

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January is almost over. How did the first days of 2021 treat you?

We've been focusing on planning for an unpredictable future and have handpicked resources to help you achieve that.

Dev Resources & Articles

Personal strategic planning. This is a 4-step action plan to strengthen your personal skills. [BRIANTRACY]

Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? Here is Natalia Venditto's opinion on this. Do you agree? [DEVTO]

Keep updated on latest iOS /Swift content. Filip Němeček has created this useful resource which aggregates over 400 blogs. [IOSFEEDS]

Use GitHub like a PRO! [Video] - 8 secrets, tips and tricks. [YOUTUBE.CODERDAVE]

Progressive Web Apps in 2021. Maximiliano Firtman discusses the current status, market share, what's new, what's missing, new challenges and new capabilities. [FIRTDEV]

How to become a better developer by asking questions. Asking questions is a critical part of building your own experience and becoming a better developer. [STEVEJGORDON]

7 unique APIs for your next project. Need some inspiration for a new project? Check these out. [DEVTO]

The worry list. [Podcast] How to step back from all of the things you are worrying about. [ALIFEOFPRODUCTIVITY]

11 professional goals statement examples for your next job search. Goals are very motivating factors to have in your professional life. They will help inspire you to get your work done because you will have a clear vision of what you’re working toward and what you need to do to get there. [DEVELOPGOODHABITS]

Why do I spend weeks avoiding tasks that will take me 10 minutes to do? Procrastinating has less to do with time management and more to do with mood management. [VICE]

8 traits of the most resilient person. Do you want to learn the traits of a resilient person so you can develop the trait within yourself? [LIFEHACK]

How to be prepared for opportunities. How do you make the most of the opportunities? Here are some tips. [LIFEOPTIMIZER]

30 days to form a new habit of coding – are you in? GeeksforGeeks has launched 30 Days of Code, a free course where you can attempt one coding question every day for 30 days and can master your Data structure and Algorithm skills. [GEEKSFORGEEKS]

Keep current, stay employed: The most in-demand tech skills for 2021. Python, data security fundamentals, data analytics, Agile methodologies, DevOps & SecOps, and cloud fundamentals are also at the top of the best skills to have, according to a new report from Skillsoft.. [TECHREPUBLIC]

Why do developers adopt or reject cloud technologies? In the nearly fifteen years since Amazon AWS cracked open the cloud market by releasing S3 – and changed the world by doing so – there has been huge growth in the variety of cloud solutions available for developers to use. We examine the different reasons that developers give for adopting or rejecting cloud technologies. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

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Industry News

Tech giants come together to form Open Web Docs initiative. “Open Web Docs was created to ensure the long-term health of web platform documentation on de facto standard resources like MDN Web Docs, independently of any single vendor or organization,” wrote Robert Nyman, one of the co-founders of the initiative. [TECHRADAR]

LAMBDA: The ultimate Excel worksheet function. The Calc Intelligence project at Microsoft Research Cambridge has a long-standing partnership with the Excel team to transform spreadsheet formulas into a full-fledged programming language. The fruits of that partnership are starting to appear in the product itself. [MICROSOFT]

Stacker raises $1.7M to help nocoders build apps from spreadsheets. Users of Google Sheets and the popular Airtable, can use Stacker to build apps from their spreadsheets. In CEO Michael Skelly's view, lots of people already use spreadsheets as a way to make software of a sort; spreadsheets are a workaround, in his perspective, used by non-developers to get as far as they can towards building their own solution. [TECHCRUNCH]

Firefox 85 removes Flash and adds protection against supercookies. "The changes we're making in Firefox 85 greatly reduce the effectiveness of cache-based supercookies by eliminating a tracker's ability to use them across websites," the browser maker said. [ZDNET]

GitLab platform gets rid of Bronze/Starter tier, melts Gold and Silver into Premium and Ultimate. GitLab has revealed controversial changes to its subscription system, which sees the company dropping its Bronze/Starter tier to free up resources, and going for a more consistent naming scheme. [DEVCLASS]

Google unveils privacy-friendly AI cookie killer. A new Google machine learning initiative aims to replace the rancid cookies with a privacy-first alternative. The search giant calls the system Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). [THENEXTWEB]

New Docker container escape bug affects Microsoft Azure functions. Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Azure Functions that could be used by an attacker to escalate privileges and escape the Docker container used for hosting them. [THEHACKERNEWS]

Google fixes severe Golang Windows RCE vulnerability. This month Google engineers have fixed a severe remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Golang. The RCE vulnerability, CVE-2021-3115, mainly impacts Windows users of Go running the go get command, due to the default behaviour of Windows PATH lookups. [BLEEPINGCOMPUTER]

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