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A helpful list of virtual machine IaaS products

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One of the key enabling technologies in the paradigm shift to cloud computing has been the proliferation of virtual machines. These Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions enable developers to implement their IT services in the cloud without having to buy and manage their own servers. The flexibility to scale computing power on-demand in addition to the potential for cost savings provides a compelling argument for companies of all sizes to move their infrastructure to the cloud, and this is reflected in the vast number of new cloud technologies and services that have come to market. Despite this, private servers are still widely used, often for the perceived privacy and security benefits that they offer.

Here's a list of products available:


Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service

Google Compute Engine

DigitalOcean Droplets

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers

VMware vCloud / OVH

Rackspace Virtual Cloud Servers

CenturyLink Cloud Servers

Oracle Cloud Virtual Machines

Vultr Cloud Compute

Jelastic Cloud Infrastructure


Scaleway Virtual Instances


HPE Greenlake

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