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Bishwas Bhandari
Bishwas Bhandari

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Metis Linux ~ A turbo fast artix based linux

Hey Linux Folks,

After a year of incubation and struggle, the first version of Metis Linux 0.1 has been launched with less bloatware and just the things you need.

Metis Linux is an artix-based super fast, lightweight,simple and flexible distribution that uses runs it as an init system [ simply no systemD ] & super tiny scripts to install & manage the whole operating system. We always focus on user freedom and if anything can be simple, let's simplify it.

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Our implementations are written from shell and C/C++. Metis Linux is POSIX compatible, which means our project can be easily portable to any other operating system.

Metis Linux aims at providing a stunning experience to new Tiling Window Manager users, it provides an easy gateway to the tiling window manager world with sane configs and keybinds that are easy and memorable.

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The Metis Linux team wishes to make tiling window managers less intimidating by providing a polished experience out of the box.

More information can be found on the website "", feel free to give it a go, and ask your queries here.

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Sagar Parviz Ali

Thanks for this.