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Bishwas Bhandari
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"Hate altered into love" [No pun intended]

I hate stuff a lot, specific techniques, methods, gadgets, language, and frameworks. I have hated a lot of stuff in my past, but the process altered the hatred into love (let's say like).

I used to hate Django Rest Framework a lot, a lot, and now I am spending most of my time with it. You guys might say, hate your crush then... wait something's coming.
Hatred for Tailwind CSS was at the peak of my mind, and you guessed it right, I just love it so hard that I can punch one's face if he/she disagrees with the fact that "Tailwind is awesome".

The same goes with JWT, and JetBrains IDE (PyCharm, WebStorm, RubyMine, and others).

But I used to hate React, I learned it, and built three web apps with React/NextJs, and still hate it. So, I guess, hating my crush is not a good idea.
By the way, an exceptional case, I used to like Svelte, but now it's love.

Hey? Tell me something you hate that turned into a love that makes you go banana.

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