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Linux Distro is OUT ~ Try Metis Linux

Hey Linux Folks,

After a year of incubation and struggle, the first version of Metis Linux 0.1 has been launched with less bloatware and just the things you need.

Metis Linux Intro

Metis Linux is an artix based super fast, lightweight,simple and flexible distribution that uses runit as an init system [ simply no systemD ] & super tiny scripts to install & manage the whole operating system.

Started as a hobby project by a 17 y/o Nepalese kiddo Nabeen Tiwaree with his fellow friends Yogesh Lamichhane and Safal Piya.

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Our implementations are written from shell and C/C++. Metis Linux is POSIX compatible, which means our project can be easily portable to any other operating system.

Metis Linux aims at providing a stunning experience to new Tiling Window Manager users, it provides an easy gateway to the tiling window manager world with sane configs and keybinds that are easy and memorable.

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The Metis Linux team wishes to make tiling window managers less intimidating by providing a polished experience out of the box.


Fast and lightweight

Suckless's simple packages are used wherever possible. Using DWM with only the absolute required packages makes the operating system super minimalistic and only uses about 250 MBs of memory at boot that makes the OS super productive.

Simple and Free

If anything can be simple, let's just simplify it. Our implementations should be written from shell and C/C++, and we love usable and simple package implementations, which are all freely available in Github.


Stated by the unix philosophy, Make each program do one thing well, systemd includes many features that we never use; making the init system complicated. So RunIt is our init system of choice.

POSIX compatible

We want our project can be easily portable to other operating systems.

Default Packages

Metis Linux ships with following packages by default.
– Text Editor: nvim (Neo-VIM)
– Window Manager: DWM (Dynamic Window Manager)
– Terminal: ST (suckless terminal or simple termimnal)
– Screenshot utility: Scrot
– Bar: SlStatu
– Application Launcher: Dmenu
– brillo: Backlight (brightness) controller
– Pulseaudio: Audio Server for linux (will switch to pipewire on next release)
– JetBrains Mono Nerd Font
– Firefox as default browser

Thanks for reading...

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