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Create a new Laravel 8.0 project

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Hello Artisan,

Today we will create a laravel project from scratch. Before that you have to install composer dependency to work with laravael. If you dont have install composer, pleasae read this post and install composer in your local mechine.

There are two ways to create a laravel project.

1.Via laravel Instraller &
2.Via laravel Composer

So, How to create Laravel project.
We will create both way a laravel project.

Ensure that you have composer installed in your machine. To check if it there or not by running the below commands:

composer --version

Install Laravel Installer by running
composer global require laravel/installer

Check is Laravel installer installed or not
laravel --version

Done! GO forward!

First Method is to create laravel project laravel new blog

Second Method is create Laravel project
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog
In this section create Laravel project by the composer so, after running the above command it’s look like

After taking some time depending on your internet connection, a fresh Laravel project created successfully.

And the out put looks like

Read More: Link

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