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Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks Now Supports OAuth 2.0

Devart released a new version of ODBC Driver for QuickBooks with support for OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.

ODBC Driver for QuickBooks

Devart, a recognized vendor of connectivity solutions for various databases and cloud services, released a new version of ODBC Driver for QuickBooks, which now supports the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.

The new version of the ODBC driver only needs to know the user's company ID and refresh token to authorize. The required connection options are filled in automatically when the user logs into the QuickBooks account. See the documentation for details.

OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorization. In the context of the Devart ODBC driver, it enables the driver to obtain limited access to QuickBooks data without requesting the user’s credentials. The protocol delegates user authentication to QuickBooks that hosts login credentials and authorizes the driver to access user’s data.

Devart ODBC Driver for QuickBooks provides a high-performance and feature-rich connectivity solution for ODBC-based applications to access QuickBooks data from Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Full support for standard ODBC API functions and data types implemented in this driver makes interaction of database applications with QuickBooks fast, easy, and extremely handy.

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