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ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery – A New Connectivity Solution from Devart

Devart has announced the release of a new connectivity solution, ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery, which allows access to Google BigQuery data warehouse directly through HTTPS.

Devart, a recognized vendor of connectivity solutions for various databases and cloud services, released a brand new product – ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery. The driver provides full support for the standard ODBC API functions and data types, and BigQuery SQL expressions and data types. The solution is intended for use in various analytics, database management and reporting tools, IDEs and programming languages, and is able to access Google BigQuery data warehouse directly through HTTPS.

One of its prominent features is that users have the ability to specify whether the driver must return foreign keys, which is a time-consuming operation. On many occasions, third-party tools do not actually need foreign key metadata, so it is an effective way to increase the speed of data retrieval operations.

For compatibility purposes, the vendor also added the option to specify a column or a set of comma-delimited columns that will be returned by the driver as primary keys for BigQuery tables. Google BigQuery has no primary key or unique constraints, which makes it impossible for some third-party tools to work with BigQuery tables correctly.

As an extra benefit comes cost-effective deployment: the driver is a standalone installation file that does not require the user to install or update any dependencies. For large organizations with hundreds of machines, Devart offers the silent install method with an OEM license.

Learn more about the recent release by visiting Devart’s blog article

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