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Resources for interview preparations (Front End).

Hello there, if you have come to this post that means you are currently getting interviewed or are looking forward to get interviewed in the near future.

Keeping that in mind I've compiled a list of resources one can refer to get an upper hand during the interview process.

Q&A format

  1. 123 essential javascript questions

    Tricky questions on hoisting, inheritance, closures, null vs undefined, NaN...

  2. 70 javascript interview questions

    Dive deep into hoisting, inheritance, closures, promises, events...

  3. javascript mcq

    Practical code snippets in Q&A format.


  1. alexander zlatkov's how javascript works medium posts

    Internal working of JS includes event loop, v8 engine, classes and inheritance, storage engines, shadow dom, webRTC, garbage collection, service workers, web workers, web socket, HTTP/HTTP2, network layer, browser engine, rendering engine...

  2. akshay saini's youtube channel

    Learn about event delegation, event propagation, debouncing, throttling, call, apply, bind, polyfills, curring.

  3. design pattern soumyajit pathak's medium posts

    Brief overview of different design pattern

  4. addy osmani

    Dive deep into design pattern such as singleton, mediator, revealing module, pub sub...

  5. javascript concepts visualised

    not so easy concepts made easy with awesome visualiser.

  6. how to architect a front end application

    Learn different layer of front end application and their roles in the overall architecture.


  1. boxmodel

    Learn about the box model

  2. flex

    Layout using flexbox

  3. grid

    Layout using grid

  4. specificity

    Learn about CSS specificity and selector priorities

  5. position

    Learn different positioning system used in CSS

  6. inline vs inline-block

    Learn difference between inline vs inline block vs block


  1. react vs angular change detection

    Learn how angular and react differ from each other in the context of change detection mechanism

  2. fiber architecture traversal

    Learn internal of React's fiber tree traversal process

  3. fiber architecture reconciliation

    Learn internal of React's fiber tree reconciliation process

  4. internal working of props and life cycle hooks

    Learn internal of props and state updation along with life cycle hooks


  1. tech dose

    Get to know the why of the solutions and how to develop intuition for algorithmic problems.

  2. tushar roy's

    Learn concepts of tree, graphs, dynamic programming. Different traversal strategies and problems.

  3. my code school

    Learn the math and run time analysis of algorithms

All front end interview question


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