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Justin L Beall
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Job Search - Day 1 of 42

I slept in today
I am not sure that is what people do on the first day after being let go
This is a new experience for me - nowhere to be, yet financial secure

Personal Professional Networks

I signed up for LinkedIn Premium - one month free

As it began to get turbulent, I began to test the waters weeks ago
If I can get a job without refreshing my resume, that would be fantastic

I connected with a local agile consultancy shop, Lean Dog
A friend reached out over Twitter when I stated I was a free agent

Never burn a professional bridge
Make friends with your enemies

Not The Only One

Many of my friends were recently impacted by a round of layoffs at OnShift
I already received a hint about a fantastic Python opportunity in CLE

My Resume

What makes a good resume? Not a one pager?!?!
Everyone has opinions...

Software engineers are so dynamic, I am more than the jobs I worked

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