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Job Search - Day 3 of 42

Justin Beall
Software engineer (Python/Node/Java), craftsperson, XP advocate, agile technical coach, product discovery/delivery/management/owner curious, data miner, believer in growth mindset, multiplier, servant
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Actively looking for employment is a job itself
The fastest pace is infinitely sustainable

Job Search Schedule

Job Search Schedule

How many hours a week should an engineer work for his/her employer?
How many hours a week should an engineer work for him/herself?

Clean Coder by Robert Martin (@unclebob):

You should plan on working 60 hours a week.
The first 40 are for your employer. The remaining 20 are for you.

During this remaining 20 hours you should be:
    reading, practicing, learning, and otherwise enhancing your career.

This is a tall order, but how many spend even single digit hours sharpening

Narrowing Focus

The job search part of the voluntold vacation is going well

I have a few projects lined up

Moving Motivators for Teams

Moving Motivators is a personality test/game from Management 3.0
I read about it in Managing For Happiness by Jurgen Appelo

Concept being a remote interactive way to connect a team
Team independently interactively orders cards
Upon submission, real time spider graph of team results displayed
A unique data visualization of a culture

Moving Motivators

Spider Graph

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