10 Unpopular Javascript Array Methods

deji adesoga on November 12, 2019

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. -Warren Buffett Introduction Arrays in javascri... [Read Full]
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Nice. In addition to .every, I also like .some - returns true if any match the callback.


Yeah, I didn't actually include it because it has a high query statistics on google trends. So, I guess it's kind of popular.


Hi Deji! Nice article, never heard about some of these functions, I'll try to apply them if I see the opportunity 💪

I think you have a typo on the first example. You're using keys() instead of entries(), is that right?


Thanks Mario, I really appreciate it.

Yeah, my github gist was kind of messing up. But you're right, I've fixed the mistake.


It's not Array.prototype.isArray() - it's a static method on the Array constructor which accepts an array as it's argument. You can't run it directly on an array instance.


Noted. Thanks for pointing that out. Correction will be made.


At least isArray(), keys() and reverse() are something which I use pretty often, I don't think they have many substitutes either. I wonder how come they are "unpopular"!


According to google trends, they are, when you compare them to .map(), .filter() and reduce().


Very nice article! I love how you structured it, specially the demonstrations.

Seems like the example demo in #1 is the very same as #2? Typo?


Thanks PatricNox, I really appreciate your feedback.

Yeah, I actually mixed up the link for the github gist. Thanks for pointing that out, Its been fixed.


Thanks Deji, great article! Im beginner and this excited me for learn more about methods in javascript!


Glad it did. Thanks. Keep learning Cristhian.

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