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Truffle, Contracts and Coffee...


So for the month of December I really wanted to make sure I go head first within the blockchain studies. From smart contracts to learning about NFTs, I wanted to be sure that all was presented to me in a NEO fashion. Yes, just like the Matrix for the time is now to be a great in the field. I've learned so much the past few moons it amazing how I am soaking it all in just like Neo when he learned KungFu. Practice makes perfect would be the best thing to state if wise. So that's what the prior moons has been as well. Simply learn something, then put the lesson to practice embedding the gems. Today I want to speak briefly of the learnings thus far and also feel this platform may be the way to go for my tech journey going forward. Amazing devs able to understand and or maybe become inspired is a great feeling. Let's start with Truffle.

Truffle framework was reviewed in a deeper manner this time. Before I would skip through docs not really getting the insight like I should. Please noobs, don't forget to look at the docs especially if they are well written like Truffle. Again I went forth and installed globally the framework and began projects. I wanted to understand the process of how to compile and migrate before deploying a contract on ganache locally. Took a few, but like a bike... you won't forget how to ride if needed. This knowledge was needed so I had to get in on the studies. I was able to get through the tutorials successfully while seeing how all connects on a simple contract called "MetaCoin". It's a template that is given by Truffle so you can see exactly how things work. I uploaded a repo so if you needed to see the code it's avail.

MetaCoin Repo: []

Once doing the tutorial, I went forth and started the pet shop tutorial, but didn't complete the front end part. I felt like focusing clearly on the smart contracts so I didn't waste time searching YouTube for more insights.

Outside of working with Truffle suite, I was able to work with the REMIX IDE. This IDE is provided by Ethereum to deploy and test smart contracts using Solidity. I'll speak more about the Ethereum programming language, but let's just say it's similar to Python and JavaScript. This is the language also smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain are written with so I had to a good deal. Started to look into the variables of global, local and state. Also browsed across data types such as uint, int and bool. Keywords such as view, pure and even functions were reviewed so I can truly know the syntax.

Breaking Down The Contract : []

For future posts I'll be sure to add more links to the blog. I feel that the delivery of how I can teach what is being learned would lead people in the right direction. I am striving to gain a role as a blockchain developer while feeling truly like "In Pursuit of Happiness" the movie. Winter nights late night with the laptop glowing feeling the warmth of a new horizon for Orion. Fighting days of prior depression and anxiety yet a genius, man.... these are only words of a lonely developer. Time to expand the wings of things and take flight on a new way. Innovate technology to provide my children for they (Micah & Nyla) must see their daddy win. I you?! Web3... I will tackle you!

Peace and Light.

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