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Self Taught Blockchain Dev


My name is Orion and I am a self taught developer and designer based out of the United States. I am a true techie at heart with a love of innovative products. One thing that has been in my focus is everything in the blockchain space. Being web3 is confirmed as the future of the internet, it was only right I go forth and place my hands within the tech space asap.

So I heard about Bitcoin years ago when it was first caught major media focus. Many were skeptical of the cryptocurrency while I was a bit concerned. Not in a bad way, but more so just interested in what was truly occurring. A digital currency in which will take things out of the banks hands? Yeh, coming from someone who was truly against the "terms and conditions" many banks have it felt only right to look into more. I learned about the coin and it struck a passion of mine to learn more. Over some weeks I went into the whitepaper, learned about the process of all behind the scenes, and also didn't take a single dollar to invest. Well well well… now years later the couple of dollars I would've invested could have made me millions now. Guess the timing wasn't right, but the information stays if studied like I did of the topic.

After years of not taking advantage, I found myself behind the curve because many are now in the position I could've been. Not only that, many other chains have became of existence such as Ethereum, Tezos and many more. I signed up with the SkillUP program which allows free Blockchain Developer Certificates to users. Free sound amazing to me and I began achieving something I thought would take eons to complete. Learning the different blockchains and how things connect didn't worry me as much as knowing terminology. Once having the knowledge of such, I was able to understand completely Ledgers and Trezors work. So what's next now having the certificate and knowledge of how the blockchains work?

Going forward, the goal is to make sure I provide incredible information around the blockchain space. Being that this is a developers site, it only right that I give accurate information upon the topics to help others. Throughout the studies I will provide small projects and other things I've been able to find within the web3 space for I truly see a great future ahead.

Until next time,

Peace and Light!

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