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Master Programming with best YouTube Channels

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I'm sharing all the programming channels that helped me to grow to become a web developer over the years and I want to share it with my community.

freeCodeCamp Channel:channel Link

Freecodecamp is an open-source community as it provides many best tutorials from different instructors for Python, CSS, React, Data Science, JavaScript and etc.

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Hitesh Choudhary Channel: channel Link

Hitesh Choudhary brings regular videos on various programming languages and discussing the latest market trends as well as doing a live session on Saturday where he takes your questions.


Programming with Mosh Channel: channel Link

Mosh gives you tons of tutorials not only trending web languages but also of the emerging web technologies that are quickly gaining their ground in the development world. You'll not regret to call yourself a "Mosh Student"


Traversy Media Channel:channel Link

Traversy Media is a fine source of latest web tutorials on different programming languages like Angular, React, Python as well he also shares many short tutorials to learn more in quick time.

css tutorial

Academind Channel: channel Link

Academind provides comprehensive video tutorials on website languages including JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue, Node js and etc. He also provides crash courses also.

javascript youtube channel

Durga Software Solutions Channel: channel Link

Type Java By Durga Sir on youtube and you'll find all his wonderful collections of Java and he has will even make a long time java hater to fall in love with java. This channel also covers many great videos of Linux, Python, Oracle and etc.

java best course

edureka Channel: channel Link

Edureka is one of the best youtube channels to learn development, as it covers a variety of videos from Tableau, Machine Learning, Python, Data Science and etc.

best programming channel

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used to subscribe and watch these channels a lot, until I realized I was in the tutorial loopalooza , I got so addicted to watching that I never actually wrote code lol.

My advice is to only watch these channels when you absolutely need to, they are a wonderful resource.



Yeah that happened with me too then I just started building things and using docs then tutorials


Hey, thank you for sharing your experience :-)

I have a different opinion as I think tutorials are there to see and write code while seeing that. Otherwise, there is no use of such great channels if we can't write code.


Tutorials are for beginners to get familiar with. That's it.

I can agree with you but it's great resource to remain updated with tech trends.

Somewhat relatable. There are also good amount of websites for that. Just like DEV.


I used to watch too many tutorials Because I couldn't figure out how to actually build an App that I wanted to build. There is no tutorial on how to build a complete real world app on the channels that I came across.


There is the other type of programmer who doesn't bother watching tutorials and starts coding bad software due to lack of fundamentals and best practice knowledge.


Self learning from your own experience is also a master art.. ❤😀


I do it, but only with web projects. I used to watch tutorials and read documentation extensively until I realized that I'm not getting anywhere, so I just writing code without going to tutorials.


There's no time like lab time!


I recommend you guys take a look to:
youtube.com/channel/UCLNgu_OupwoeE... Coding Garden
youtube.com/channel/UClb90NQQcskPU... Dev Ed
I personally like them a lot and you can see Coding Garden on twitch quite often.


The net ninja is another amazing channel too

Teaching is more than just about passing information, its about the connect too.
And yeah no need to get into tutorial hell.


Hi brother ❤😀

Surely it's. I'll include in another list. There are many other gud channels also.

In this list I've included only that channels that help me personally to grow as a developer since starting.


It's totally fine bro, I guess everyone has already listed all the good channels that were left in your list so like everyone got covered 😊

Yup brother 😀


Have you forget The New Boston?


The New Boston got me through college. I absolutely, used this channel as my tutor.


Hey Ben, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

The last video of new Boston came 3years back. It's not been updated now. So, I share only the channels that are updated and old both.

newboston is good also but this list is something that I followed over the years till now.


Hey, Thank you for suggesting. 😀❤

The last video of new Boston came 3years back. It's not been updated now. So, I share only the channels that are updated and old both.

newboston is good also but this list is something that I follow over the years till now.


hey, looks like newboston is coming live soon. check out his website thenewboston.com/

It's great if he can start making videos again. ❤😀👏. It's been 3years


🍿 And remember about dev.tube – a home for all technical videos, minus cat pictures and annoying YouTube algorithms :)


Oh there are some really cool videos... didn't know about until now. I think i have to spend some time there :D


Yes all the channels are amazing. Indeed you'll like it ❤😀



Thank you for commenting. 😀❤ I'm following ur posts on Instagram.

I'll definitely look into it. 😊


I wanted to take the time to +1 a bunch of these, and maybe introduce you to a couple. Firstly, I have been consistently amazed by the quality of FreeCodeCamp's curation. I used their React course extensively when I was focusing on React, and the quality of teaching was great. (The React was a bit old, but it's not like you can update your react course every month to incorporate all the new changes.) You can discover a lot of top-notch YouTubers just by seeing whose content FreeCodeCamp will curate: I found Karl Hadwen, Weibenfalk, and Classsed by way of FCC, to name a few.

Traversy is another great one. I'm working on his Deno tutorials now. I think it really says something that as everyone else is trying to even figure out what Deno is, he managed to put together a tutorial on the basics, and then an API and even Postgres integration.

Derek Banas (youtube.com/channel/UCwRXb5dUK4cvs...) is another one. He reminds me of Traversy in style, though he'll often do 1hr or more crash courses ("Learn X in Y hours"). He's more eclectic, too. Traversy focuses on a few stacks (not a bad thing at all), while Banas will put out on pretty much anything. (He covered COBOL this year, for example.)

You mentioned Edureka, and I have to say that they have the most comprehensive DevOps course that I've found on YouTube. It really plays like pay-level Udemy content, and it's just sitting there.

I've been looking into FunFunFunction (youtube.com/channel/UCO1cgjhGzsSYb...) and Ben Awad (youtube.com/user/99baddawg) too, though I'm a bit newer to them.

Thanks for sharing your list!


Hey thank you for the detailed review mate😀❤

Freecodecamp is a hub of a youtube programming channel

Banas and funfunction... I've recently started following them.

I'll definitely include them in my next list. ❤😀

This list totally based on a few parameters.

YouTube has more than 100+ good programming YouTubers and everyone have their different opinions. That's y community is there where buddy like you suggest their favourite ones. 😀❤


Thank you for sharing this list. There are some Chanel's on the list I haven't heard of that I will have to check out. If it hasn't been mentioned I would also check out Travecy Media youtube.com/user/TechGuyWeb
And Designer Course youtube.com/c/DesignCourse
Both have great content and update weekly.


Hy buddy
Thank you for sharing your opinion. Travercy media is there in the list. There was issue with photo but now it's corrected. Please check I've mentioned his name.

Design course is another great channel in but on this list, I've mentioned that channel which I'm following for long.

I'll include it in the next part.


I don't recommend learning from youtube courses if you're not an organized individual (except freecodecamp that has high quality courses).
Take a complete course that goes beyond "the basics". Do projects as soon as possible, learn to read documentations.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

These are the channels that mostly covers topics from beginning to end in a specific order. Please have a look, you'll like it :-)


Nice article, thanks!

You can add How to Code with Duomly to the list :)



Thank you for supporting :-)


There are so many channels out there which are equally good or better than what listed above.. Don't get in to the youtube tutorials loop


I know right, that’s what I was thinking. There are a ton of better channels out there! So take this with a pinch of salt fellas and avoid the tutorial hell.


Hi buddy 😀

Thank you for sharing your views.

Yes, you are true. There are soo many channels that are not listed in the post. #uncountable

I've mentioned in starting that these are the channels that help me to become a gud developer😀

Many other gud channels are there also. I'll include it in other lists. But these channels I follow regularly.

Hopefully, you'll understand it. ❤


Check out The net ninja, I bet you won't regret, he makes some really good beginner friendly videos and he teaches it through a series of video rather than a crash course. His videos really helped me over the years.


Hi Sarbik

Thank you for your suggestions brother 😀❤

I know his channel and many other good channels also. I've mentioned this list based on a few parameters where I didn't include channels like newboston, codevolution, onlinetutorials, coddninja, deved and many others.

I've mentioned only the channels that help me from starting before being a gud developer.

I'll make another list for these channels that i came across after being a developer professionally.


This post is especially for those who are confused between youtube channels for programming related to web development or other fields. Be a good developer while using these free youtube channels that I follow till now :-). Please share your favorite Youtube channels too.


Hie brother

Indeed it's. Thank you for your suggestions. I'll include definitely in next list. 😀❤


Nice article Akash. Keep writing more! Much love and support! 😁


Hi Aditi, Thank you for connecting.❤😀

I've started writing a blog for Dev first time yesterday. And thanx for supporting me.👏

You can ask your question on my Instagram page as well as on Linkedin.


Bhaiya , Please suggest how to begin with C and Assembler Language .


Hi Buddy, Thank you for connecting here.

You can go through Hitesh Choudhary channel for C language. You'll not regret after doing that course 😀🔥

You can ask your question on my Instagram page as well as on Linkedin.


List is in complete without iamtimcorey


Hi brother😀

Thank you for sharing.

Surely, it's incomplete as education is something that we are learning from many resources.So it's not possible to mentioned all the channels... 😀

That's y I've included the channels that helped me in past to be a gud developer. ❤😀

I'll definitely include your suggestions on my next list.


A list of programming channels that doesn’t include Corey Schafer and Colt Steele? Blasphemy


Hi Ridwan

Thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion 😀❤

There are countless best channels are there. And different people follow different resources for learning.

I've mentioned the channels that helped me in past otherwise I can mentioned more than 20+ channels in the post.

I'll include other channels in future. I know many channels.
Hopefully you'll understand😀


Eyy mate!
Sounds pretty good, I'd myself recommend these as well as they are very useful, thanks for sharing it with everyone.

Wish you the very best for all of your endevours, God bless.


Hey buddy❤😀

Thank you for the encouragement. 😀


Some of the screenshots don't match the YouTube channel ;P


Yup, it's corrected now. I'm new to this platform. Now it's proper. check it out and thank you for informing :-)


hitesh Choudhary got 1 thing which is accent, nothing else. List kharaab kr li🤣😅😅


I think you didn't take his courses. Then you'll get to know the quality you are getting at a low price as compared to other courses.

And it's easy to point fingers on others. We should appreciate other who are doing something for the community or anything YouTuber❤


no one does it for free especially when it comes to indians

I'm not saying this. 😬#free ... I'm saying abt quality


DevEd is also very good with front end. And for JavaScript I would suggest Coding train and Coding garden