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Best Posts for Beginners: Week of June 24, 2019

desi profile image Desi Updated on ・2 min read

A little late on this one this week for a reason I’m excited to share soon! Let’s get on with it!

One of the reasons I've been so drawn to over other platforms is the super encouraging and helpful community that gathers here. Initially I felt like it was going to be more a place where I sat back and watched, rather than write and contribute, but I've been so pleased to find not only helpful articles and tutorials that I understand, but also that input from new coders and devs is well-received.

I thought it would be nice to compile some of the best posts every week for those of us who still identify as #codenewbies!

This was overlooked in the week it was posted, but it’s such a great wealth of knowledge, inspiration, information, and motivation. I’ve definitely tucked it away for a day I’m feeling the imposter syndrome for real.

Creating my own uses page right now feels a little like jumping the gun, but there are so many great examples here - not to mention inspiration for setting up your own workflow or tools!

I love CSS and I’m always looking for more ways to level up my skills. This week, XenoX brings a lot of great resources, challenges, and tips on how to keep your sites looking fresh 😎

Continuing on the CSS tip, I love #showdev posts with clever uses of new elements. This CSS-only dark mode creator is really innovating and interesting to learn about!

For the newbies, students, or career changers among us, the shift into developer interviews can be scary, intimidating, and full of intimidation and mystery. Molly’s post is super valuable in exploring what junior processes are out there to better prepare for the inevitable job search!

This is cute. I really like popping on coding Twitch channels while I’m working on something else, and it’s nice to watch someone else learn something new. Maybe kids books are where I should start too!

And a very special mention this week to the women of the Ladybug podcast. I think all of them are’ers, and it’s super refreshing to hear a tech podcast of all female voices!

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Utkarsh Talwar

Hahaha! Desi, I'm not sure if that was intentional but our team name is XenoX, not Xerox. 😂😂😂

desi profile image
Desi Author

Autocorrect - that's what I get for writing on my tablet! Fixed it!

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Utkarsh Talwar

Haha I figured. It's all good!

klearissa profile image

I am glad that you decided to do so useful work. Not everyone has time to search for interesting posts on the site.